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Modmate Centred Modcams 2012 v 1.4 *07.10.2012*

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by Kai Lohmann, Mar 17, 2013.

  1. making this mod?
  2. nice work by the way :)
    is it possible that you can make an update for the close cam, without shaking or less??


    maybe...my wish....close cam, zero shaking but look to apex...?!?

    like try`n`test ;-)
  3. I still have the bug - When playing multiplayer online, just right before the race, the camera is not switching into the cockpit properly. Then you are like trapped outside of the car. Is there a way to fix that.... that ist really annoying. Thank you.
  4. Hi,

    Didnt see my Mod was moved so just for your information. The bug you mentioned must be due to something else then my cams for sure mate. Have a look into your other installed mods please.

    There wont be an updated version for f1 2012 since there are to many fakers and copycats out there. For f1 2013 i will do one cam pack but without requests. I will add all sorts of cams like i did the last years and it will be up right after the initial release of f1 2013.;)

    Greets Kai aka Modmate
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  5. I really appreciate and understand that, but I don't have any other mods than yours. I already removed it and then installed it again. Sorry but it's just so frustrating.
    Anyway.... maybe that's the downside of modding. Looking forward for your next mods!
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  6. hi modemate great camera view but i am new to modding in F1 2012 so i wondering where i would put the downloaded files in my F1 2012 folder to activate this mod

  7. Plese update link.