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Modifying Team Drivers?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Tukutz, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. Hi everyone, I just wanted to know if there is a mod for altering team drivers. For example, in Career mode, I have an offer to drive with Vettel in RBR, but that means Webber disappears. Is there a mod for me to use to switch Webber to drive for the team I just left? It just doesn't feel realistic if I join one of the big teams and one of their drivers just disappears from the game.

  2. It is possible on PC, but it is so complicated involving many files that it would never be worthwhile.
    Face facts: Red Bull didn't want Webber, nor did any other team. He shouldn't have "deliberately" driven into his team-mate in Turkey and then fallen off his bike a couple of months later and kept crashing. Also he is Australian - need I say more. (I see you are from Melbourne... Melbourne that place rings a bell. Can't think where it is.:wink::D )

    Don't forget you displaced somebody for your current drive, and (in real life) would Webber actually want to drive for them
  3. Ahh that's a shame then. I suppose I'll just have to make do.

    Haha, yes mate I'm from Australia. Not surprised to see you are from the UK. It's that time of the year for the Australia/England Ashes banter :p
  4. I was full of confidence until the close of play today. Now it looks like England will lose in Perth, and still two to play.
    Of course it is typical of you lot to make us play cricket in the middle of winter and at night too, whilst they are all hanging upside down from the Earth.

    For Webber to replace Massa in the game you would have to find every reference to Massa in the game - Database, Characters, Audio folders etc and switch them with Webber.
    No, you are better off giving him a season off, or reject the offer and go elsewhere yourself.
  5. I want to be Driver One at RBR, but I want Vettel to be Driver Two, when I am Driver One. I don't like Webber as much as Vettel. Which files do I have to change? I found out, that when I change the files at "cars/rb0/livery_00" with the files at "cars/rb0/livery_01", the game says that my teammate is Webber, but I still drive with Vettel. What do I also have to change? I only "want Vettel to be Webber and Webber to be Vettel"... ;) please help, beacuse RBR is my favourite team!
  6. The first place to look is "database.bin" (make a copy of your current database.bin first) . and find every reference to "Webber" and change it to something like "Vottol": Note spelling. Then find every reference to "Vettel" and change that to "Webber" Finally change every reference to "Vottol" to "Vettel"
    See how that goes - it will mean that Vettel drives with Webber's performance figures, but there shouldn't be a lot of difference anyway. I don't have F1 2010 on this computer but I think you may also have to switch the driver photo numbers, and some audio files - hopefully not as they are staying in the same team.
    I have no idea if this will actually work so don't blame me if you waste your time - the important thing is to backup first
  7. Is there any reason why he is referred to as "Vottol"? :D
  8. The name is a Place holder you can call it what you like lol it is to stop same name conflict's.
  9. Oh right. I thought the game files referred to him as "Vottol" haha. Now it makes more sense.
  10. Petar Tasev

    Petar Tasev

    In the database bin change firstdriver for Webber and set to True and change firstdriver for Vettel and set to False. Webber is
    <f1driver type="int">21</f1driver>
    and Vettel is
    <f1driver type="int">29</f1driver>