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Modified difficulty and braking point

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by mirko355, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. Modified difficulty and braking point

    Hi all,
    I changed for my personal use all four difficulty in database.
    Starting point is original professional difficulty after patch , modified medium is less 5%, easy is less 7%, expert is + 5%.

    I also change all braking point of AI : they brake later 10% in all circuits.
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  2. Isn't the ai_vehicle_track.xml supposed to be in the route_0 folder for this to work?
  3. Yes route_0 folder
  4. tested it on COTA. Good mod! AI does brake later now. Thanks!

    But when I tried my own database, the AI still brakes later, but they tend to miss the apex more often than normal. Not sure if its just a coincidence.

    Did you tweak anything in your database to avoid the AI from missing the corner apex?
  5. No i dont made any change to avoid this, maybe your database have strong AI aggression ?
  6. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium Member

    Please keep this in mind.
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  7. hi,
    nice mod. i just did a short test. But i want to go back to the point talking about missing the apex. I use an own database as well and i made the experience, that drivers are missing the apex on especially very slow corners, when they have an aggression level which is higher than 0.6. drivers like hamilton, schumacher missed their apex very often. then i adjusted the aggresion level of every driver to a value of 0.6, and it was much better (i didn't saw a driver missing the apex).​
    now, it's a bit harder to compete with the ai. but there is still one point, which is very annoying. i'm talking about the cautiousness of the drivers. Even with this mod, they are still very cautious and don't try to overtake, altough they are braking later than me.​
    I even brake on some corners very very early to see, what the ai is doing. unfortunately, they didn't try to overtake. Either, they brake earlier too and stayed behind me, or they crashed into my back.​
    Is there a possibility to change the cautiousness of the drivers. i don't mean the aggression, because when i increase this value, they miss the apex. i just want to increase a value, that they try to overtake more often.​
    but finally, it is a really good mod. good work ;)
  8. the ai times didn't change. i need a mod that will make ai around second faster on legend, in database all my track difficulty has set to 1 which is max, but need more I win every race on legend with mclaren
  9. meretko

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    İ can not tried mod but i am not sure using or not but Who comment all saying dont have big difference so if you work more its gonna be really Good.i really need to late brake point for ai thanksh for mod
  10. mydriaz

    Premium Member

    Great mod ! I like new braking point .
    I noticed one problem in turn 3 of Korean track, just after long straight, AI does brake too late and turn right off road. this can cause accident.
    Thank you for sharing
  11. Did a test on Valencia with the 10% later braking file, needless to say everyone was missing the apex's left and right dsffsd.jpg
  12. of course you cant change all brake points by 10% as some corners are allready on edge in default. It would be great to tweak corners one by one or those where its needed.. but it takes time and nerves. Hope someone with knowledge from last year is already working on it. Anyway its much better this year even unmoded. cheers
  13. Benutzername

    Online Martini Racing - Founder and driver

    Yeah, when i read that, i think about ascari and first chicane in Monza...
  14. I use my Pro difficulty level (original Pro -5%) and I think that this with default AI aggression in database the 10% later braking point dont cause missing apex. And i think also that in 95% of corners AI brakes too early.
  15. but I then you should play on legend, Ai brakes there later than in pro, but is faster in other way ok :)
  16. Will it make me restart my career or force me to make a new profile if i use this mod?
  17. Don't use this mod, can you not read other comments? every car will go off the track in corners.
  18. No, whit my mod all AI CAR stay on track, other mod or database modification interfere with mine causing this. Tray only my mod with a clear installation and you Will see.
  19. I did it way back ago, can't you see the freaking screenshot? This is a no go mod.
  20. as one of critics I must say, that after using your database I see no car go off track (before I was using some moded).. everything ok on Legend (and ofc working with some AI files from realism mod for overtake, so great fights, miles away from stock game..) Good Job