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Tracks Modern Jerez 2013 Track Update 1.0

a modern track update for the Jerez circuit with a lot of new and reworked textures

  1. [​IMG]

    shrapnell submitted a new resource:

    Track update - modern Jerez 2013 - Winter Testing Edition
    a modern update for the Jerez circuit with a lot of new and reworked textures

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    Last edited: Oct 25, 2013
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  2. Looks cool but Jerez is not green

    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 18, 2013
  3. thx! :inlove:

    on your picture you can see new bigger gravel pits, so it's more diertier. i know that jerez is somtimes more similar a desert, but in the wintertest season or at the beginning of spring it is more green :p

    for example, if there is the moto-gp race, there are many yellow and purple flowers on the grass near the crubs :whistling:

    i have viewed many vids from jerez, and I decided to give that track a little green touch. But there are still dirty und rough parts in the landscape.
  4. I like everything from your mod, but the reason I will not use it is because I like the desert style more. If you can make both version I will be sold :thumbsup:
  5. if you want the classic dirty desert version you can delete the tracksplitt.pssg file from the mod, this file is for the ground of the track. than you got the old (dirty) :cool: tracklines, curbs and of course your dirty dirt :D
  6. Maybe I can figure out to keep everything you did and keep the dirty dirt lol, like I said awesome work. So it's 2013 sponsors on the track ? and what else ? new tarmac and curbing ?
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  7. the most changes on track are in the postup.pssg and the postup2.pssg files. For example the modern main building.
    But the modding progress is still not finished and maybe the next version get more dirty landscapes :rolleyes: It's not so easy to handle this stuff. As a example, I change one green part and it looks nice but on the other side the track it looks like crap. But thats modding ...
  8. realitychecked


    The Sports logo could be better. Nice job!
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  9. you are right, I'm not sure if I let the Bwin/sports logo or leave it blank because of the "sponsor ground bug"
  10. Awesome idea just wish I had thought of it ,,,,,,,,:(
    Anyway all the Track textures are inside all the Tracksplit PSSG,,,,
    The best way would be to create your own Textures I enjoy that part the Most;)
    Just find a Track which is already inside the Game where the Run off areas are same Colour and the Grass is the Same Colour This will add a lot more Realism to the Track,,,,,,:thumbsup:
    I Would like to Help out in any way if you wish for the Textures and stuff just ask I will jump straight in,,,,,,:thumbsup:
    Also Please rename the Entire track info to Jerez Test Circuit with Official track testing Logos and this will push it to the next level,,,,,,,:)
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  11. Can you also change the layout? So maybe you can create a new korean circuit with a new pit-lane, when you finished work on this projekt...
  12. realitychecked


    Come on mate, we can't edit track layouts! :roflmao:
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  13. I Was trying to be Friendly After he stated that he was having difficulties with textures that,s all m8,,,,, Leave it ,,,,:poop:
  14. realitychecked


    The image is from a MotoGP race, looks very desert-like so It's better to update the gravel and such things. You do your part. ;)
  15. Sure why not, I'm a little bit busy at the Moment. Thanks for your coment
  16. Not possible Sorry
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2013
  17. shrapnell updated Jerez 2013 - Modern Winter Testing Edition with a new update entry:

    Track update - Jerez 2013 - Winter testing edtion

    Read the rest of this update entry...
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  18. Dammmm that's what I am talking about :thumbsup: awesome ! thank you !
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  19. I don't know how to reply on the review section lol, but yeah I love the dust on it, makes it 1:1 with the real track, love it :thumbsup: