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ModelID and ClassID

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by Samu15, Mar 2, 2011.

  1. I've installed a lot of mods on GTR Evo and sometimes I've got crashes after track loading screen.
    So I tried to make a list of ModelID and ClassID with all .inccar files and I've got some questions...

    - Some .inccar files are encrypted, how can I read them ?
    - If I've got same ModelID on two different cars, what kind of problem can I have ?
    - Some models have Class but no ClassID, what will be the consequence ?
    - If I want to have a model in another class, I just need to had the name of the class in the "Class" attribute ?

    (Sorry if my english is not perfect, correct me if I'm wrong, I need to improve myself)
  2. 1) I decrypt files in that way:
    1. Create a folder "wtcced" on your disc "C"
    2. Extract all files from "wtcced.rar" to that folder
    3. Now open "cmd.exe" (I haven't got English version of system, but write "cmd.exe" in start menu)
    4. If you want to decrypt "file.inccar" put it in "wtcced" folder
    5. Example - in your cmd.exe write- C:\wtcced\wtcced.exe "C:\wtcced\file.inccar" "C:\wtcced\decrypt\file.inccar" and click "enter"
    6. Now you can open your "C" disc and "wtcced" folder and you'll see a new folder called "decrypt" and in it you find decrypted "file.inccar"
    Small example:

    2) with the same ID Models I'm not sure, but there's a problem with online version (I use offline)
    3) if there's no ClassID simply add it; I haven't tried .inccar without "ClassID" line
    4) if you'd like to change a class - change name of "class" line to your new name of it and then change ClassID to your new classID

    I hope you undertand me :)
  3. As far as I can work out, clashing Model IDs only causes a problem should you use the custom filter (offline version).

    Some of the original Simbin .inccar files don't include a "classID" number which doesnt appear to be a problem.
  4. Thanks for all your answers !

    So perhaps it can explain another problem I've got with custom filter : Sometimes some categories I've had added in a filter don't appear when I come back to the filter menu.
  5. Yeah, I've had that problem aswell. I think that might be due to clashing Model IDs, however, haven't actually checked it out.
  6. If you have any classID's doubled up you will not be able to use either car (or join a server running either) online. Also, the car filter will not work.

    So, therefore, in the Steam version of Race 07 series, you must not run any clashing classID's.

    Also, ModelID's do the same to a point....
  7. Thanks !
    I've got offline version installed. I hope I will arrive to give differents classID and modelID to make all the mods I've installed cohabiting...:)