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Modding Requests Thread

Discussion in 'GRID Autosport Mods' started by 111111, Jun 29, 2014.

  1. DId anyone make/made T-cam for non open-wheel cars?
  2. Andrew

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  3. Would really really love to have the following:
    • Increased tesselation? Not sure if this is possible. I feel some of the models could benefit from slightly higher polycounts in places (wing mirrors, cockpit models, etc)
    • Motion blur turned off without having to set Shader Quality to Low.
    • In-game deadzone/saturation settings for PC Xbox 360 controller (or any other controller too)
    • Fix camera movement for none-3rd-person views to act like GRID 1. i.e Not some weird instant-look left/right, actually be able to look around the cockpit as in previous games.
    • Easy FOV changer for cockpit views (perhaps different for each car?)
    • Corner look-in for cockpit views? There was a mod for F1 2013 that achieved this quite nicely (though I found it prevented online play for me)
    • AI improvements possibly? Every single race I've tried in open wheel on hardest difficulty, there is a massive crash on the first corner guaranteed every time. Seems kind of stupid... (maybe just my preference).
    • Split screen multiplayer on PC - Make option to have vertical split instead of horizontal split? Would really like to stretch the game across 2 monitors for same computer multiplayer.
    • Better/more graphics options?
    That's all that comes to mind at the moment...thanks to anyone considering.
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  4. Could someone possibly do higher resolution cockpits? This incredibly low resolution nonsense is bugging me. The game is fantastic, but the cockpit view is my favorite view and the lower resolution textures bug me in comparison to the rest of the game.
  5. The default height of the chase cameras is 1 or 1.1 (y variable). For some reason the XML crashes (my registry is messed up I guess).
    Can somebody please raise the two chase cameras to 2.6 or 3.1 and bring them back by 1.00-2.00 while adjusting the view vector so it can focus on the road ahead instead of being focused mostly on my car.

    Thank you.
  6. I had a look at some of the cockpit textures yesterday with a pssg editor. Even after the 4K HD texture dlc they released, the cockpit textures are still only 1K. It seems that only the outer body textures of the cars are 4K. Perhaps we should arrange a community project to bring these textures up to 4K??
  7. That's what I was thinking, I just feel the game would be a solid 9/10 if the cockpit view didn't suck. Like the actual gameplay and handling of the cars is better than the first GRID in my eyes.
  8. I think some of the models need reworking too. Poly count is quite low for some of the cockpit models, and now that we have working mirrors (thanks to Mortal), I've noticed that some of the mirrors aren't even pointing in useful directions (e.g, the Formula B cars inconveniently reflect at about a 45 degree angle to actually facing rear. Don't need to see sideways trees and walls while I'm defending position... :O_o:).
    Personally I'm not so keen on some of the handling. I really dislike the 'swinging' of the wheels effect you get when using a controller. If you steer one way, then let go of the stick to return to straight, the car swings left and right until it balances (or doesn't balance, and then you spin out). Then again, I have only played with a controller...can't speak for steering wheels.
  9. DLC HD is... only for car livery nothing more, is very poor HD "texture" HD "pack" ever...

    Fast test edit interior texture


    BMW and better LOD IA and wheels (bmw need more work)


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  10. That still looks so much better than the current cockpit. Hopefully someone fixes all of them soon or codemasters release a texture pack for the cockpits.
  11. Mortal, do you know if there's a way to allow 4K textures for cockpit as well?
  12. Yes no problem for 4k cp works fine

    Other mod Cockpit Free Cam


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  13. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper
    Premium Member

    Love all this great work out into making a brilliant have even better. Just wish CM would introduce some improvements like these for console users.
  14. For free cam mod, prefer to include it in a fix mirrors mod as an update, or as a new one?

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  15. Dude that is awesome! Does it still snap to the outside left/right view when you look all the way?
  16. Only for reverse (jpad down)

  17. I would like if possible to have the bumper cam view higher up. Nearly as high as the bonnet cam although with no bonnet showing.

  18. not sure if possible...........mod for more laps per race and longer time for endurance races.........:)
  19. Under difficulty setting, can extend race x2, x3 etc.
  20. Up to x5 iirc :)