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Modding Requests Thread

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by InfyHU, Sep 20, 2012.

  1. Is there any chance for a "50 Flashback mod"? I modified the database, but nothing happens. I still ony have 4 flashbacks.
  2. how did you modify the database? what did you do?
  3. Hello,

    I used the Vettel helmet Monza 2011 Mod in F1 2011 and would like to used in F1 2012 again - I just like the design.

    So I would be very happy, if any modder can make this happen :)

    Here are some photos from vettel homepage:

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  4. I had the same problem, the solution for me was to choose a difficulty level, not a custom one. Choose between the difficulties, easy, medium, etc and dont change anything. That worked for me and now i have 40 flashbacks, i hope that will help you too.
  5. So, with custom difficulty settings, the modified database values not working.
    Thanks for the help

    Ryder Database Editor
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  6. Thanks dude. I appreciate your work.
  7. The title says it all :) I tried some AI mods last year and it really gave a better racing experience than the stock AI so I hope someone up for it.
  8. Well, I'm not yet. I really like the new AI's and to be honest, I'd just improve their consistency. What don't you like about the AI? :)
  9. Τhey are not as close as real cars are and they are slow. Overally they are still better than '11, you don't see them slowing down as easy as they did, they are more offensive and they react better. The only thing I hate is that I can't play with it (I don't like playing Codemasters' F1 games online due to many cheaters) and I only do some time trials alone..
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  10. I'm still waiting for my copy of the retail game to arrive (hopefully tomorrow), are the .bik intros identical to the demo game's videos? I have a 1080p FOM intro sting from Sky Sports F1 HD with completely clean audio (no ambient track sound etc) - I could encode to Bink and upload for people who want a slightly more 'authentic' loading sensation.
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  11. They are slow? Overally, their race pace isn't bad. Quali pace - sucks. But race pace, if they're not on lean fuel or worn tires they do quite nice lap times at the beginning of the race. And yea, they should brake a little later but I don't know if they'll be able to manage that. We might get too many AI's outbraking theirselves because they lock up or something. For now, I'm having real fun going from 24th to 1st on a 100% race, something that I hadn't had fun doing since 2010 actually when I was learning to drive, so yea. Try that. In future I might make an AI mod. Don't know if you've tried mine, but I bet RowingAce will do one too. :)
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  12. you just have to put 1 in the track difficulties table at all difficulties , they will be very close to you and fast and for the Qualif the time of the ai can be better and more faster , i have tried and its good
  13. Umm.. How about just use Legend AI? :D
  14. Imo legend AI is uber ! I really like how fast they are there. Its hard to keep up with them. To me no AI mod is needed (for now).
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  15. I can't get this to work, I copied the database file but I can't figure out which difficulty setting I'm supposed to change to get the flashbacks to grey out; anything I do stops me at 4 flashbacks. If I get this to work though-thanks a ton because I need this haha learning to drive with no assists!
  16. doesnt work..
  17. It DOES work ! Here a better explanation:

    You have to change the general difficulty AT LEAST ONCE, after you have copied the database.bin . For example from normal to hard.

    You will see if you go in the advanced difficulty settings that the ARROW (sorry about that) next to the number of flashbacks is greyed out.

    Now you can change what you want in the difficulty, but don't change the number of flashbacks.

    The maximum number of flashbacks shown is STILL four.

    If you start a quick race you will still see only 4 flashbacks when you use one, BUT if you use one AGAIN , you will see that there still 4 available flashbacks.

    This will remain like that untill you used up 47 FB and then you will see only 3 left on the right bottom corner.
  18. Hi guys,

    I have a triple screen 2560x1440 setup. Wondering if anyone could make some realistic cam mods for triple screen cockpit? possibly with some slight FOV variations.
  19. Ok, I saw the greyed out arrow, I thought the whole option would be greyed out and so I started to mess with the # of flashbacks. I'll try this again thanks for the clarification!