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Modding Questions

Discussion in 'Formula Truck Mods' started by Chris Cox, Jun 21, 2013.

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  1. General modding questions thread
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  2. Hi I have the gt mod for ftruck 2013 but the cars and trucks are mixed when I go to race,is there a way to stop the trucks showing up when I select the gt cars,how do you edit the from file when I can't find it anywhere,any help would be welcome
  3. I do not think this is possible, Formula Truck only uses one car class, for the Trucks, so all cars that you add to the game will have to be added to that class. As far as I am aware, the rFm file is in the .exe.
  4. Just temporarily remove the Vehicles\FTruck folder to a safe place outside the Main folder, which will just leave the GTs.
    (take care, move these files at your own risk)
  5. Ok thanks for the replies
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