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Modding Programs / Modding Questions

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by Petar Tasev, Sep 20, 2011.

  1. Petar Tasev

    Petar Tasev

    Here's a list of programs that can be used to mod F1 2011. Below I've added some useful guides written by various members.

    Ryder BXML Converter
    Ryder CTF Editor
    Ryder Database Editor
    Ryder Language Editor
    • Description -- This program provides a nice GUI for editing language files for the Dirt/Grid/Dirt 2/F1 2010/Dirt 3/F1 2011 games.
    • Download -- http://modding.petartasev.com/
    Ryder PSSG Editor
    Ryder JPK Extractor
    • Description -- This program lets you open and extract the files from JPK files like the one found in main directory "raceload.jpk".
    • Download -- http://modding.petartasev.com/
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  2. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?

    Okay can answer one of them

    3DSimeD cannot open the car models properly as yet, nothing like it did for 2010.

    Not unless I am doing something wrong.
  3. please guys if you found 3d helmet files and a program, that can open them properly with textures, let me know!
  4. camera.xlm file of 2010 works in 2011 (tested Ferrari and mclaren)
  5. RealCam Mod by M4MKey

    Okay... Okay ! Here it will be !

    As some people ( actually two ) asked for something by me. And as I am too kind ( and want too much to mess with thoses cams ), I'll make a new RealCam Mod for this F1 2011 !!

    I started to tweak files two hours ago :) And i'm already pretty confident that some great things can be done. Way better than in F1 2010. Forget actionmaps edited, this is gonna work without it !

    I'm uploading a little lap at Melbourne with my preprepreAlpha version of my cams :p
    In this video you'll see :

    - FOV 70. Better look-to-Apex, increased wind shakings ( especially at +300Kph with DRS )

    Just hope that this time some thiefs will not steal my work !

    Here is what cams are looking like :





    Nose Cam


    Alpha version here : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=FIVGX6CW
  6. nice
  7. Appreciate it! Thank you very much.
    At least this is one good point about getting the game late (and due to a business trip from firday to sunday I will play Monday for the first time): I will have nice cameras, corrected car liveries etc. jsut from the beginning :)
  8. Dude from what it sounds like...i FKing love it,thank you for listening to my request,really looking forward to this mod as the game is unplayable with the default cams...cant wait!
  9. Is there any possibility to remove the shaking in cockpit cam? This shaky vision is hurting my eyes.
  10. Well... As stated. This is just an early early early version. Stop whinning already... I already decreased the wind tilt. But it's still way more present than by default.
  11. Nice nice its way better than the cm original, there's console crap, for mercedes pls upload
  12. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    If they do please drop James or me a pm and will hit the banstick harder than last year. People stealing eachothers work will not be tolerated.

    However we need you guys to report posts that contain material that is not allowed. We only have two pair of eyes and can't check it all what is uploaded here to RD.

    On topic: movie looks awesome! :thumb: If possible could you lower the camera a little bit more so you cannot see the nose of the car, just like in real life F1?
  13. Well.. I find the cockpit pretty low already. When the driver turns, his hands are taking the whole screen :) If I lower the cam more i'm afraid that we will not be able to see anything anymore ! :p

    By the way, a lot of things must still be done. I'm trying to make the Tcam static right now. The rearview is like was the Realcammod v2.0 by myself for F1 2010
  14. I'm sorry, I meant the default cockpit cam. I'm not bashing your mod. I should have posted this in the mod req. thread.
  15. Oh :o Default cockpitcam's shakings are hurting you ?? :x
  16. Yes. Is there a way to remove them with a mod?
  17. Fantastic work :)
    Glad your making mods again M4MKey.
    Can't wait to see what more you come up with.
  18. Pictures of the different cams available at the 1st page of this thread :p
  19. Hi Mate,

    Great news you are working on some nice new cams already!

    I just wanted to say I already made a mod for fully static T-CAMs for all cars (including rearview and split screen). It's not released yet, but if you want I can send to you as a base for the teams who's camera's you haven't started on yet :). It's really easy to do, just a little time consuming, so if I can save you some minutes by sharing what I've done already I'm happy to :)

    Let me know :)
  20. Petar Tasev

    Petar Tasev

    New Database Editor is up

    • 2.1.2011.0921
      • Added support for F1 2011
      • New Features: Add/Edit Row Form - Now much easier to make changes
      • Fixed pasting and Adding new rows
      • Asks to save changes on exit if changes were made
      • Added restrictions for many things so expect the program to yell at you if you do something wrong
      • NOTE: The command line version was not updated from 2.0