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Modding for Multiplayer

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Rikki Jenkins, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. Is there a site that has ALL of these updated MODS that are required when you try to get into a Multi Race?

    Everytime I come into RF2 there is always a track that is required or an update. I hit the get Mod button but it doesn't go out and get the required content. This is HIGHLY Frustrating and time consuming. And therefore a turn off to this SIM.

    Any help on how to get these updates or a site that has them all in one place would be great. I go out to DrivingItalia.net and here on Race Department along with RF2 sites to try to find these but most of the time there is not the exact versions that are required.

    I appreciate any feedback or assistance on this matter.

  2. Hard to give you a proper feedback on it. But I can say that there is no site where you can get absolutly everything. This as some content is scattered as people make from 1 track, multiple versions to fit to their likings.
    For instance, there is a guy who made a seperate F1mod from the original ISI 2011 car, with other peoples track with some changes to those tracks (drs for instance). They often have hidden the new track (because they have modded the track) in a post in their own thread somewhere.
    We are going to fill the download section, but we are never able to have all the tracks or different versions of them. Some server just forget to update their mod with the latest version of a track, and often the old version is hard to get.
    The get mod function is I believe not working at the moment, and it should be working over time again, if the server is set to offers you that option.
    Most of the time, if you want to join a certain server, often it says a website of the guy/organisation who host that server. You could look on their website, most of the time they have a post somewhere for the mods they use.
    For instance, we at Racedepartment always offer the tracks on our website that we host on our servers, to make it easier on our customers.

    Hope this helps you a little bit.
  3. Ian,

    Thanks for your time and feedback. It is a struggle with this sim for the very reasons I mentioned above. When they get the auto updater working, it might be worth the time. But for now it is a no go for me as time is precious enough. Thanks again...

  4. Tom

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    No, seriously: please don't do that. I have changed the thread title.

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