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Modding allowed in GTR 3?

Discussion in 'GTR 3' started by David O Gorman, Dec 13, 2011.

  1. Apart from the question of what will ship with the game, maybe more important is if they are going to allow modding of the game so that people with the talent can add series if they so wish.
    DTM GT3 GT4 Blancpain would be good starters to ship with the game
    awaiting the 15th with bated breath

    Funny i though i was posting a reply, thats old age for you :)
  2. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    I for one hope that modding is not allowed. We have rFactor 2 for that.

    Just want kick ass licensed GT content to race with out of the box just like in GTR2. Dont need more than that.
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  3. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    Don't think one game should be dedicated to modding and the other not. The odd high quality mod in the RACE series was always a great addition IMO.
  4. Your assuming that it will have content ( kick ass licensed GT )that you want, if it doesn't will you still buy it.
    If they do make it open to modding the chances are higher that you will get the series you are looking for.
    If you were to to tot up all that might not buy it because it didn't ship will with content that such and such wants,
    for the company it would seem they would have more sales because of modders.
    Also for those that don't want it modded, want difference will it make to their gameplay , its not like that
    modders charge a fee like dlc that everyone has to have to complete in a series.

    Im a bit surprised by your post Bram
  5. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Why surprised. You have modders and modders. If all modding teams have the quality of Reiza Studios, SimBin or Slightly Mad Studios it would be awesome. Unfortunately there are tons of mods out there for both Simbin as ISI titles that are quantity mods. I prefer out of the box quality content and I don't mind paying for it when its original and high standard.

    I expect GTR3 to be step forward as where Simbin left with GTR2. In GTR2 I never needed any mods either as the GT, NGT and G3 content was more than enough for me to enjoy myself.

    Final reason: I am mainly an online racer and as to date I've had my best online racing experiences in "closed" games: iRacing, Game Stock Car and RACE 06. Everybody knows the little amount of tracks and really master their cars. The more laps people drive on the same content the better the racing gets.

    Of course when your main focus is not online racing but get your kicks by trying as much content as possible I can imagine you have a different point of view. Everybody their own taste I'd say :)

    Really? From a company point of view I tend to disagree. Companies want to sell content, not release a game that will last for years. They want customers to buy their slightly modified games each year (FIFA?!).

    What a company wants is not always the same as what a gamer wants.
  6. So whats the difference between rFactor 2 and GTR3 that its acceptable for mods on one but not on the other ?
    Especially as it seems rFactor 2 will be shipping with a lot more content and is likely to be updated much more often.
    You didn't say if you would buy GTR3 if is doesn't have the series you are interested in
    Mods are more that just new models , skinning , graphic effects , sounds etc
  7. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    I don't know what the difference is as both games haven't been released yet :)

    But I can't imagine that GTR3 won't feature the content I love. The first two games of the GTR series nailed it. It's called GTR for a reason I hope: GT Racing? Always a winner for me :)

    Edit: actually should have said the first three games if you include GTR Evolution also. The cars in that expansion pack were also great content.
  8. I would at least like to see the ability to add tracks. Your comment about familiarity is well taken, but some of the better mod tracks are just phenomenal additions (VLM and others).
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  9. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Totally agree on that :) The LM24, Mid Ohio, Rouen and Sebring tracks are top notch if not the best add-on tracks in the community. Virtua_LM is one of those modding teams that deliver top quality for years.
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  10. I agree with Bram's opinion on this.
    Personally I would only allow addon tracks. There are a lot of pretty good quality tracks out there.
    Addon cars are different. I haven't found any that could get close to the quality of stock content.
    For e.g. here is the popular Porsche Supercup:
    - FFB issues on weight transfer and various physics model problems.
    I stopped playing addon cars after a Porsche Supercup / Monaco combination RD Club race. It was horrible to drive. Compared: the so-feared F3000 car was a piece of cake to drive there.
  11. But ye are basing not wanting mods on what was done for gtr 2
    If GTR 3 should prove better than rFactor, I for one would like
    DRM , a GT Legends(previous Simbin content) mods etc in other words the best rfactor mods
    and the best rfactor 2 mods to come to go to GTR 3 as well.(assuming modders want to do them)
    While Bram makes the point of the company wanting to make extra money from dlc
    I dont see why their should be a conflict between user and company releases
    Look at Skyrim - they will sell addon content but will also release
    an sdk, any that don't want to mod their game don't have to.
    If its an online issue again players don't have to join a server that is running modded content
    The chances are that Simbin wouldn't be able to afford licenses for every type
    of GT series or individual cars

    Tracks are a good point as well, if you decide that Simbin needs dlc money
    they would have to be left out of possible mods as Simbin may do those
    tracks at some future point again assuming they can afford a licence.

    Also if any claim that the content that shipped with GTR2 was the best - what
    do ye make of the comments of SMS that the physics of that content was wrong
    eg tires.
    For companies that evolved from modder groups it would be a bit hypocritical of them
    to go out of the way to disallow mods from their companies games.
  12. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    I was only stating my personal opinion. If Simbin or gamers want their mods in thats fine by me, only for me its not needed to enjoy the game.

    I don't want to see all the old GP4 track conversions, forward ported GTL or GTR2 cars. I want state of the art new content.

    Not even going to respond on the SMS claims. That childish discussion between them and Simbin has been going on for way too long and that is something they should have discussed and solved internally.

    As a gamer and league organizer I just want to have the best possible online racing sim. If thats GTR3 its fine, if that is going to be rFactor 2 with high quality mods that also fine, Same for iRacing, Project CARS or the upcoming Ayrton Senna Game or any other sim for that matter. Will buy and play them all and eventually my personal favorite will be the one I play the most.

    Luckily we will have a lot to choose from in 2012
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  13. I also like default content far more than mods. Exceptions are only a few tracks, and those mods for rFactor that bring cars that are used in no other games at all. (and I'm not talking about the individual models, but a certain class. Low powered road cars, classic eastern european cars f.e.)

    I agree, if the game has good quality content, and a correct quantity, it can be extreme fun playing it online without any mods. Too much content can hurt too as it divides the players.

    In GTR3, there should be GT cars, with probably a few road going supercars/sports cars. (and maybe LMP class)
  14. Only one question comes to mind after reading the discussions in this thread: How do you determine the quality of default content in race games. I have an opion about that but first I would like to read yours.

    And to get on subject... Not opening the game to the moding community wouldn't be very smart. Anyone who claims that Simbin titles are not suitable for modding have no clue what they are talking about since the game is basicly almost the same as rfactor.
    I do agree that there is a large quantity of rubbish mods for both rfactor and the race series out there. Buggy and unstable, but who's fault is that?
    90% of the questions I get about Simbin mod's are caused by the end user. If you have no clue what you are doing... do not touch them or get help from someone who does understand.
    Mods keep racegames going. STCC2 was not encrypted by Simbin. I hope they finaly realize that a well developed game open to the modding community will get better and better and be more popular in the long run.
  15. I wasn't trying to say anyone was wrong with their opinion - hope it didn't come across that way.
    I agree with the notion of enough good quality shipped with the game but as has been pointed out that
    will dependent on each persons opinion of that content.

    Péter would like some supercars - fair enough, his opinion
    I most definitely don't want supercars, in my opinion supercars are road cars and not racecars
    till they are turned into series spec cars. I most definitely am not looking
    for a rehash of SMS and EA's type of offering with upgrades and the like.

    GTR2 with a new engine even with the content that shipped with it originally
    would whet my appetite but but mod-ability will be one of the deciding factors
    in buying the game for me

    My point about the modding is that with modding involved we could all be happy, if such content
    as we would like doesn't ship with the game.
    And Bram can be happy by not downloading anything :)

    Micheal I view the thread as a discussion among fans of sim racing not an argument :)
    Apart from content I would hope that Simbin have taken note of how computers have evolved
    since their last engine, eg 64bit support, dual to 6 cores , high res texture availability
    I would assume this new engine is meant to last a while so I hope they dont come out
    with something that is designed primarily for comps of a couple of generations ago
    ie consoles

    Roll on tomorrow and hopefully some definite info
  16. If they have any sense (wich i think they do, and is part of the reason a 3 is coming) they will keep their mellow stance on Modding, Heck, Modders are what keeps GTR2 as still thé SIM racegame of choice imho. Rfactor has driver swaps, and thats about the only thing i can think of where it would trump GTR2 tbho...
    The talent we have in the GTR2 scene is unreal...
    This is the most ridiculous discussion i've read, not wanting a game to be modable? what?
    No, gives us the same modability as we know from the GTR series, make sure the netcode on the new engine is better, and give us driverswaps so we dont have to rely on the even older RFactor or the new upcoming rfactor update.... us modders will take care of the rest.
    That way we can atleast have a choice of picking the most suitable plaform for long endurance racing, instead of beeing tied to one SIM because it's the only one with "that feature" and hope it works.
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  17. I agree with Bram on this one, I think GTR3 if done right will be as good as iRacing is, iRacing has far better racing and content than rFactor etc has, and i think thats cause its limited and done correctly.
  18. Andi Goodwin

    Andi Goodwin

    The major issue is for me it doesn't matter how good the base material is , the game can have the best sound , best tyre model etc etc ; but it will get eventually forgotten , i believe that all games need modded content this builds communities and long after official support has gone (due to license issues /publishers going bust etc ) they will still be there (it wasnt official support that kept GTL going it was a community ...)

    So after many years my favourite games are still GTL/GTR2 yes the base material is good but there are some brilliant updates/mods out there and if i think of rFactor i dont think i play any of the original material .

    So please , please , please i hope that this game is open to modding and that even if there is some crap stuff made you can always delete it or not use it , Simbin started modding other peoples games and so did REIZA so i do hope this is open and if the basic package is good as it should be then there is a great base to build from and you will eventually get to drive a great version of the cars you love on the game engine that pleases you most

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  19. +1 :)
  20. As a consumer, one of the best things about PC gaming is mods, mainly because there's always problems or compromises in games, and the modders usually work their way around it and provide some great content.
    I normally don't buy Fantasy RPG's, but because I knew of the modding legacy of Oblivion, and that Bethesda was going to allow Steam to dl and install mods, not only did I buy Skyrim, it was the most I'd ever paid for a game on steam.

    To me, cars are more important than tracks, but a good mix of both is ideal, and that's what GTR Evo has thanks to Simbin and the modders.
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