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Modders Voice Your Opinion!!

Discussion in 'GRID 2' started by Petar Tasev, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. Petar Tasev

    Petar Tasev

    Hey guys,

    Since CM decided screw us over in terms of modding, I decided to go to their forums, and ask them to return our modding "powers" ;)
    Hey CM,

    Why in the world do you disable saving the game in singleplayer when a file is changed? Do you not want us to mod the game? It was fine for all previous games, and yet now you want to remove our ability to be creative, and make cool new things with your game for ourselves and the community. I understand protecting multiplayer hacks, that's one thing, but disabling the save function in singleplayer is another.

    Also, I've noticed since Dirt Showdown that you've hidden the database.bin in your encrypted "NeFS" files. Why is this?? It was so much fun to mod this file, and create a custom singleplayer career experience, amongs many other things like messing with AI drivers.

    So I kindly ask you CM, please return the modding power back to the community!


    Please voice your opinion here:

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  2. I saw your post in CM a few hours ago and I was quite disappointed that nobody replied to it :(
  3. Now reply! bump, my old user dont work :( , now register of new
  4. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Its quite disappointing to see that there is now a growing gap between the developer and it's community and this is just the latest example.

    The idiotic DLC packages, the lack of dedicated server support for PC users and now this.

    I hope you'll get your answer Ryder, you deserve it after all these years of hard work providing THEIR customers with cool stuff.
  5. i reply too
  6. Surely us PC users would become totally disappointed with today's GRID 2 system .And I just checked their whole directory that the database is gone. Think that they did it also with DiRT Showdown. Seems Codies are at it again!
  7. The database is hidden in another file. But don't bother because even the smallest tweak to one file will disable contact with the servers: even your SP profile won't be updated anymore... What a shame...
  8. Really a big shame. I hope CM should or shall i say cannot let this happen to F1 2013 game.
  9. Seriously Ryder, let them employ you for £1,000,000 per year :D
  10. i dont know if any of you guys every play any other games but they are rife with cheaters and hackers. I now do not play the only games I like (shooter wise) because of hackers and I would think this is why they have removed dedicated servers and any type of file modding. Would you rather have this or the game full of cheaters?
  11. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?

    I think you'll find it's the single player save game issue that is the problem here. Do what you like for online gaming, but to implement a block for offline/single player mode due to file changes, and on top of that hiding the database is frankly plain stupid.

    They haven't done it with Grid 1 or any of the F1 series of games, and a few of the Dirt games.....so why the need now?

    There will always be hacks for cheating online, regardless of how you set out your file structure.

    What we here at RD are talking about is modding the game....to what some would believe a high standard than the original game......not hacking our way into an online cheat of some sort.

    If CM follow the same trend on the F1 2013 game, it'll be a dead duck of a title.....perhaps a blessing in disguise as someone else might pick up the license to produce it.
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  12. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Silly that people constantly mix up modding with cheating really.

    Cheating is a whole different mindset that modding. Its pure evil versus creativity.
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  13. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?

    I couldn't agree more.

    Although I would suspect that the online cheaters/hackers would see themselves as the creative ones.
  14. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Instead of banning modding what CM should do is permanently ban users that screw up the online fun for others year after year.

    Press the red button and get rid of them, or let them buy a new game to try it again. Win Win.
  15. Hello, everyone.
    And thanks for the threads in Codemasters Official Forum and here, Ryder25.
    I agree with you and posted my thought to the Official Forum now.
    I also hope they will reconsider and return the modding power back again.
    Thank you.
  16. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Disappointing that the thread Ryder opened is still not answered.
  17. i am too very totally disappointed as love doing new engine sounds for game as car
    lack the turbo and gear sound that miss in game, i had copy over files from grid 1
    get sound enable in game as well other files like grip.svc file get car not slide as much
    as sick as turn the car & then slide then run into walls, i don't know what crap did to this game
    but just arrr pee me off car drive so crap u think a car that cost $500.000 drive better then this crap, i think this grid 2 is not 2 as detail look like it
    my be grid 1 not 2 and grid 1 looks like could be grid 2 in my thinking. now i know why it
    keep saying cannot connect to server save game thank for info, i think before the patch i did edit car audio files and they work to i update the game, now they don't, if played nfsmw 2013 patch 1.5v u see how good car engine sounds are bloody good u think from last grid u think they update there engine sound add better one i just think guy that did sounds got very lazy, i love when start new game u get sweet spot of sound from game just want play it more just hear cars, in this NO sum car sound like lawn mowers,
    backfire was like tin can, there no brake sound or gear sounds or anything i think off they get my bloody going what pee me off the most is sound go in menus that sound drive up wall have keep muting my amp shut it up please turn down in patch or update in car engine sounds add more to it
    as did in one i enable a lot sound and in dirt, i spend most my life doing sounds from games to company don't use all there brains in doing better. then u play with 2 laps game why don't have 5 or more laps in sum races u spend 1 min waiting for game load for 30sec race then 1 more min to get menu again and so on. bring back grid 1 drift maps i love them. my 2 cents.
  18. Hello Ryder!! Missing for some time but here i am again! Great move you made with posting this at CM! I really think that they have to answer to our request! And i have and a question, when someone bought the game (grid 2) from a locale store, is there anywhere on their box that says that in singleplayer the save will be dissabled if the buyer "edit" files for his only and private use? I suppose thats what singleplayer means to EVERYBODY IN THIS WORLD! PRIVATE USE!! So if they do not mension that thing in their product packages from outside so that the buyer can be informed then i think that THEY ARE ILLEGAL!! So my opinion is that when i am buying a game it is MY GAME AND I CAN DO WHAT EVER I WANT WITH IT IN PRIVATE (SINGLE PLAYER)!!! By the way, for all of you that are working to how to dissable this "mistake" from the CM's the only place that i found parameters that are in xml's that if you edit them the savegame stops,is at the executables files! example : throttle_on! So you guys that have the knowlege and the time think this possibillite!

    PS : Ryder when i used your BXML converter to convert a file and without change anything convert it again to bxml and it got other date than the original the savegame was working. If i edit something then no savegame! So they must have double - backup their parameters that they do not want us to edit! i think they are keeping them inside the executables! the only files i found them again! Thanx guys, i'll be around!

    Forgive my English!

    Greek people are tired! The tiredness brings anger! I am angry!
  19. Ross Garland

    Ross Garland
    A legend in my own mind... Premium

    I'm all in favour of modding, and fully agree that Codemasters (and all other devs) should make it possible and certainly shouldn't fight against it. So many games would be dead and buried and would have sold a fraction of the number they have if not for the modding community. Racing sims are a great example. Would people still be playing and BUYING sims like Race 07 without modding? Probably not.

    However, I'm afraid that you are very wrong lef... there is nothing illegal about what Codemasters are doing. GRID 2 is theirs. It's their software, they designed it, they built it, and they are entitled to do whatever the hell they like with it. If they want to make it hard on modders, they can. And no, they do not have to specifically inform us of that fact on the packaging.

    Indeed, in many cases when you purchase a game you are not buying the software at all... you are buying a LICENSE to use that software, nothing more. Owning a license to use the software means you in fact do NOT have the right to do whatever you want with it... it is still owned by the copyright holder. They are merely giving you permission to use it. Technically speaking, it means that modders can sometimes be doing illegal things by changing the software.

    So yeah, the only answer is to complain (in a constructive manner) and hope that certain devs change their policies. If they don't, all you can do is avoid their games in the future and go with devs that do allow modding.
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  20. I think Ross is right! My mistake, sorry! A license is what you buy! So be it! If they want to make it harder for modders then they have to go with their policy and the effects of their decision! As one effect is that they give room to others companies to take a piece of their customers! I am sure that they have "weight" all of the effects! And maybe my opinion will never be heard by them and that is the problem! When someone is ready for "war" then he must have the graves open! That is how the story with the viruses started! By companies! And now look where we are standing! I am not any good at modding but it is fun to search and understand things and solutions that companies and modders use! It is making me better when i am thinking, and that is my goal! From one side i am glad that i must find a solution to a problem, or to think ways and help others to find the solution! But from the other side i am dissapointed from one company that i had support by purchased their products! Unless they think they are better at probramming from all other people in the earth, they did a mistake! And a mistake must be recognized first and then correct it! I did one by buying their game! And please have in mind that i am from Greece and money is something that is very very hard to find here! I hope that they correct their mistake before any "modder" find a solution! Then it will be too late for them! TY for your time! Thanx Ross!

    P.S.: Is somewere around here, or anywhere else, a forum that is working on this problem? Please if someone know, post a link or something!

    Greek people are tired! The tiredness brings anger! I am angry!