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[MOD] Toyota Corolla Cup 2012

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by Sven Hielscher, Feb 24, 2013.

  1. Hello there!
    Regular visitors of nogrip allready know about my little project called "Toyota Corolla Cup 2012" which is supposed to put a great little, but currently undervalued, car into a greater focus - it really deserves it!
    Basically the mod is a skin-pack but with a corrected 3D model of the STCC2 Corolla (several mapping mistakes and mistakes in the mesh) and a bit of engine tuning (just a handful of HP added). Most of the skins were kindly made by AlbersF1, one skin was donated by SkylineManning and two skins were made by me.

    The mod is soon to be released (maybe today or end of the week) and will need STCC2 to run. As a last picture before the release I made a spotter guide to preview all current teams and skins. Hope you like it!
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  2. Justin Swan

    Justin Swan

    Very nice! look forward to a link for the download :)
  3. Mod v0.9 is ready for download. I just managed to upload the mod at nogrip but have no idea/clue on how to upload the mod here :O_o: So if anyone could manage a mirror or upload the file here feel free to do so!
  4. Hiroshi Awazu

    Hiroshi Awazu
    Off Topic Moderator

    I uploaded your mod here for you.

    Thank You for making this mod, looking forward to trying it out :)
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  5. Thank you so much for that!

    @Mod/Admin: Please can you change the Headling (removing the WIP in the title?) thank you!
  6. Justin Swan

    Justin Swan

    Loving this mod :)
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  7. Anyone experiencing issues with the mod? Some reported, that they can't move out of the pits or start a race. I guess it's because of missing addons but I need more information to get safe on that ;) Just want to fix that - if possible and caused by me - for the v1 :D
  8. I have every single addon and I am not experiencing any issues. Just great quality mod. :)

    I think that those who can't move from pits doesn't have something needed to run the mod (i.e. one of the addons)
  9. Justin Swan

    Justin Swan

    No problems here mate. Have all addons too. Also use sim racing manager.
  10. Thank you guys! I really think those folks just don't have STCC/STCC2 :D
  11. Update: I'm currently working on version 1.0. Some new skins, correct talent files and some smaller fixes. Actually the talent files keep me busy as the AI drivers sometimes act very crazy :x3:

    To short the wait here's a preview of two new teams/skins for version 1.0:
    "Black Raven Racing" driver "John Raven" (GER)

    "Toyota Racing Team" driver "Tony Richards" (AUS)
  12. Awesome! The mod really needed some new skins, because to be honest the current ones aren't exactly.. well, they don't really give the impression of it being an official championship ^^ We need more like the ones you posted above, they look fantastic. That said, I might have a crack at making some custom skins too, if you don't mind.

    Once Dennis and David are both back to organise club races I'll remind them that we should have a club race with these :)
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  13. Thank you very much! But do you really think these skins look so different compared to the existent? I'm not sure about this as these new skins aren't that different compared to the available ones :D Anyhow there will be some more skins in v1.0 as Arne Heine (formulaHEINE) and Kenny (AlbersF1) have donated some more.
    Of course you can paint some custom skins! There's nothing against it :D If you want me to include them into v1.0 you still have some time :D Just drop me a PM when you're ready and send me the links ;)

    An official championship would be amazing! But before that you should try if the mod works with dedicated servers as I've not tested it :whistling:
  14. FuNK! I tried the Corolla template today, and I miss a really important thing. There is no ''Shading'' layer (like in the default R07 templates), instead you included several body template layers with shading already applied to the body.

    In the shading layer, the areas which do not require shading are completely transparent, and areas that need more shading (like bumpers) are less transparent.

    What I normally have is: 1 base layer on which paste all my colours, shapes and texts, with the ''Shading'' layer on top of it so that the shading gets applied over my work as a whole.

    Is it possible to include this in your templates (or explain a way to reach the exact same effect)?

    This would apply not only to the Corolla template but also to the Polo (I think)
  15. Ehm...:confused: What program do you use?! Template was saved and made with PS CS2...if you opened the template with an other program you may don't have all the layer groups and therefore get a corrupted template.
    Here's a screenshot out of CS2 showing the layer groups:
    You just need to paint within the two layer groups "Logos here" and "Design here" and after that flatten the image, and export it as DX5 dds texture with alpha (make sure the b/w alpha is there) ;)

    Could it be that you are using Gimp!? Gimp can't interpret the layer groups correctly and so you get a "corrupted" template. If so, just tell me and you will get a Gimp (XCF) template from me which will be set up correctly so you can start painting! ;)
  16. FuNK! You're right, I don't use Photoshop. I use Corel Paint Shop Pro and GIMP. Would you be so kind to send me the XCF template? That would be really helpful!
  17. Here you go!
    I've converted the body and window template only. If you need more, just ask ;)
  18. Thanks a bunch! Although I know my way around the basics of GIMP, I'm not experienced enough with it. At the moment I'm using Corel Painshop Pro to do my entire design, then I compress and save the entire design as .PNG and paste it into the XCF file in GIMP.

    Quite a workaround, but at least it works :)
  19. OK...how ever you do it, the main this is that it works! :D