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Mod to disable in game aid

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by lightburner, Feb 16, 2014.

  1. Sorry for my bad english. I play most pc car games (gtr2 gtl gpl nr 2003 ricjard burns rally..), i have purchased f1 2012 and now f1 2013.I have seen that: f1 2013 has "phantom aids", even if i disable all aids (abs traction control and line recovery) the car not block wheels spin low only in first gear and is almost impossible to exit of the track. Also f1 2012 has this phantom driving aids but imho less evidents. Does exist a mod that would eliminate the phatom aids? Best regards
  2. Dude F1 2012 had traction control, 2013 doesn't have it anymore. I don't understand what aids you point.
  3. Hello. I hope you can understand me.Io I use a steering wheel (g25), and even with all the aids in game turned off, the car does not lose grip when I use max power (only a little bit in 1 st gear), and if I try to leave the circuit on purpose, it is as if there is a fix that does not makes me miss it, also when i brake max the wheels don't block.I play with gtl, gpl, gtr2, nr 2003 rbr and driving a car is not so easy...f1 2013 is an arcade game also with all aids disabled? Sorry for my very bad english
  4. Yep it is.
  5. F1 2013 isn't a sim game, it leans more towards arcade style to make it accessible for non-sim racers that enjoy F1. So if you want a fully sim game then I'm afraid F1 2013 won't ever meet that expectation
  6. Ok, i understood.Thanks for reply. Ciao