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Mod suggesstion

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Racing Club & Leagues' started by Bob Luneski, Aug 10, 2010.

  1. I just raced the latest version of the Porsche Mobile 1 Cup mod V2.5 with the EU guys and it rocked!!! I used to hate the mod, but all the updates have turned it into a mature fun monster! Might be worth a look for an event.

    Edit: Doopy me, I just noticed y'all ran one @ Donnington a few weeks ago. Sorry I missed it
  2. Bob,

    Eric has been running this mod for a few weeks... mostly a weekend event if my memory serves me..... and not very well attended either. Looks fun though. I wish that mod bringing the ferrari and lambo in from gtr2 was a better mod.... those cars seemed too easy to drive in race07 and were I think an unfair addition to the list of names.... Eric, can you confirm this or is this mod one that we can consider for the Pro class? I'd love the option of driving the lambo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Currntly testing some additional mods and seing if we can add some content to a GT event.

    Don't forget the 997 RSR / Ferrari F430 addons in GT S class.

    Oh yeah did I mention there is a Ford GT mod? YUP!

    Oh yeah BTW the PMSC car rocks BOB! We have used it all summer and the racing is just awesome in them!
  4. adding those porsches and ferraris would be awesome if they're comperable.... I've not driven the Ford GT. will have to collect that one and see how she does.
  5. The Porsche/Ferrari add on for the GTS class is a no go in my book. These cars are much faster than the standard GTS cars. However, there is a detuned version of the add on done by Tobias Kluge (former racing staff) in the RD downloads section, labeled as the endurance version. This version of the add on was a much better match to the original content cars.

    The Ferrari/Lambo add on for the GTP class is fine. It uses stock physics and engines from default GTP cars, just with new 3D models.

    And Bob, I was running the PMSC mod every Saturday for a while, but with dwindling sign ups, I have just started to run random events for the time being. Keeps things fresh. :)
  6. I am using the detuned version of the P car and ferrari.

    Where can we find this ferrari / Lambo mod?
  7. OK I see both of those mods before but didn't know the GTP mod was in the PIT SIMS stuff.

    I did DL that giant FIA mod but never tried it as it seemed to be a duplicate of the GT class' we already have in thegame.

    I'll revisit it again or feel free to give it a whirl and tell me your im,pression of them.
  8. Will do eric. Main thing it would add is more cars.. ferraris, lambos maserati.... oh yea baby... will try this weekend
  9. lemme know what happens!
  10. Downloading now... will report shortly
  11. btw eric, it's not a dup of the gt stock as it has 3 or 4 new Cars!!!!!! Maserati, Lambo, 2 ferraris!!!!!!!!!
  12. yeah i DL the mod and took a quick look to make sure it loaded into the GTP section. Cool looking cars!

    have not driven them yet to compare lap times etc.

    since they are SUPPOSEd to be just "skin" on existing GTP models I think they wil be a required content feature in the next GTP event.
  13. Didn't try to drive, doing that now... but loaded up an offline race event and was just going to watch the cars and I got a mini dump.
  14. Make sure you don't have any of the add-on's from PT Sims (GTP) or scca1981 (GTS) installed when you use the FIA GT mod, as the FIA GT mod incorporates those mods and would naturally cause issues with ModelID's.
  15. aaaaaaaah I'll have to check that out too! Thanks Stefan!
  16. I don't, it's working and awesome... georgeous cars, testing times now.
  17. It seems someone has removed the detuned version of the Porsche/Ferrari add-on from the downloads section. Only see the regular version up there now.
  18. Bram's no-thumbnail removal?
  19. Possibly... still sucks either way as we are gonna end up having people running different versions of the mod, which will cause problems.