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Mod Real Cockpit cam for top team

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by dyplan1, Nov 4, 2012.

  1. 3 Cam Cockpit

    - Total News effects and news sensations (very real)

    - Mod for Mclaren, reed bull, ferrari , renault and mercedes

    Mod Real Cockpit cam for top team
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  2. Can you plz make screenshots???
  3. yes, upload some pictures first. Thanks.
  4. Amazing. You should do for all the teams! :thumbsup: very well done!!
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  5. Bonjour dyplan,
    Ton mode cam devrait etre le meilleur (comme celui de F1 2011 que j'utilisais) j'entend donc avec impatience la cam pour mon HRT
    @+ric :)
    Hello dyplan,
    Your mode cam should by the best (as that of F1 2011 whom I used) I thus hears(understands) with impatience the cam for my HRT
  6. Hi

    I test your mod for the replay.
  7. Looks great on video, I love your dynamic close cam !
    Thank you. As others say on this post, are you going to do these cams for all cars ?
    It will be very kind of you...
  8. No Bug, very cool the best of cam :thumbsup:
  9. Image format in game: 4:3
  10. Toni Huguet

    Toni Huguet Licensed

  11. Looks very nice. Thank you. :)
  12. hi thanks for your work dyplan1, a question: I can use your effects on my cameras package?
  13. Make it for all cars!
  14. I have cameras for all cars but I need dyplan1 permission to use the effects that are not mine and are the ones I have in my cameras
  15. ,
    jason1968, cam the other cars are prepared, but at the moment I do not have much time.
    you have permission. no problem
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  16. Where is the download link; Er Mer Gerd!

    This is a cockpit mod i am looking for:thumbsup:
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  17. Nicolas Vial

    Nicolas Vial Licensed

    Epic cockpit cam !