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Mod Pack Brasil 2.012

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by vlasovas, May 30, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]


    Mod created based on the current conversion mod 2012, so that compatibility with the skins of some cars and other
    also made to the Languages in ITA, SPA, ENG, GER, POL, FRE, BRA for everyone, have another option to use
    - New menus of bolides
    - New menus pilots
    - New logo presentation
    - New background screen menus
    - New Database with performance equivalent to 2012 based on the 1.2 game update
    - Languages ​​available on mod: PT BR, English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Polish (if someone fixes noted in the historical texts of pilots, and want to send me the fix, please send no line break in a block notes, I can add them in a future update, I used google translate, please, do not engage me in an international incident by a bad translation hehehe)
    - Mod Selector hemets included for pmgl71 (credits to him)
    - Low power and balanced distribution of main bolides , so that it simulates the 2012 season where each team and pilot once Win
    - Power of bolides slightly increased in the 4 -5th tier of the grid
    - Disputes over the whole circuit, simulating the 2012 season (three types of AI, More aggressive, aggressive, and moderate)
    - Ferrari, midway between the start of the season and the GP of Monaco (very difficult to differentiate the performance of Massa and Alonso, database limited to staff only, but Alonso could make better than the Massa where Alonso won positions, and reaching the first or second tier, fight for victory, and Massa Lose Weight, or keep, with the third tier, but in some cases even so the game can put the weight forward disputing the alonso suffer an accident)
    - Increased chance of safety car in each Tracks and reduced speed in safety car, with cars closer to each other
    - Increased Chance of rain (increased the dynamic time, and reduced in 0.01 chance of sunny day, so I hope to have a greater tendency for rain, but no tests)
    - Suits of teams with some corrections in the normal map (credits Slave, warok)
    - Kers in Lotus and HRT by BlazingRICO
    - 20 tracks including texas, Barain, the new Hockenheim (cosmetic change tracks Istanbul, Korea, Nurburgrind only, not the real tracks)
    - New podium finishes in most of the circuits provided by Reddvers (thanks for releasing this mod)
    - Database adapted for 20 Tracks (note that you should install with care not to crash problems, just use the database of 20 tracks, if you used the 20 tracks by Reddvers
    - 50 Flashbacks
    - fastest pit stop
    - correction of the engines in the season
    - bases and team leaders updated
    - Safety Car and the ballet of formula 1
    Credits for the textures of helmets, suits, tracks and bolides (thank you all for your help, would not be possible without you):
    Alex SF-1950
    First God
    my daughter Natasha
    La Plata
    Dani Yonamine
    My Mother
    Mr PIBB's
    RDDev Team
    Adrenaline Forums
    F1 Community
    There were no testers is the mod for me, I ended basis, only the little that I used many resources present have not been tested
    MOD Authors:
    Helmets and Helmets menus - pmgl71 (mostly), Ml2166 (warok some helmets used in suits)
    Suits teams and bolides - warok (mostly), Alex SF-1950, Slave, LeoDSV
    Extra Tracks - Reddvers (Thanks for throwing hockenheim and their podium finishes this mod)
    Kers HRT and Lotus - BlazingRICO
    ART Menus, Language, AI, Database, Editing and some fixes - Vlasovas
    not extract only in the game folder, there are many options in the mod that only can be installed using the program MGMM, little confusing, but practical, to learn to use it you will go touse it much in their games since he creates the back-up to the mod automatically
    Steps to extract
    - Have the two files in the same folder (this is basic even for winrar, if you do download games and etc.
    - Right-click the first file (.001) on the menu, select 7zip / open file
    - Will open the folder of the mod, extract with the serial ( copy what is written in the "code" that is below, the entire field, not only the address )
    Pass to extraction ( use 7zip ):
    visite http://vlasovas.blogspot.com.br/

    thanks for video Ryder25​
    Links Mediafire

    Save fix: only replace in the system folder but back up, flow.bin original file is found there
    New menus of bolides
    New menus of Drivers
    Extra Tracks
    Bolides and AI
    Safety Car in the ballet of formula 1, added to the mod (bad video, my pc is bad)
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  2. Hi vlasovas... Thank's very much in advance for your great mods... I want to download this, but i'm italian... In This Mod, there is italian language? Can i play With this in italian?
    Thank's very much and excusme for my bad english :thumbsup:
  3. Yes ! has in all languages, just does not have Japanese and Russian
  4. nice work vlasovas!
  5. Great job vlasovas ........ thank you very much :thumbsup:
  6. Thanks !!!
  7. vlasovas only one question: how come I only get two rows white?
  8. I did not understand ... get two rows white where?
  9. 2 files white when you download, and a bit 'complicated :(
  10. vlasovas sorry but I can not extract them, you can not post the folders already 'taken from you?? thanks in advance ...
  11. vlasovas forgive him yet, but when I try to open them and extract the files pssg tells me empty, why?:(
  12. you downloaded the 2 files, also downloaded 7zip and install, clicked with the right mouse button on the first file of 180mb, and it appeared on the menu, you choose the options for the extraction of 7zip?
  13. I did what you say I put the pass: use 7zip, but it extracts empty files, and start out with a line pass: wrong ..
  14. fitti


    Hou, veri veri gut work, sorry I did what you say I put the pass: use WinRar, but it extracts empty files, and start out with a line pass
  15. In the password field you must put "visite http:// vlasovas.blogspot.com.br/“
    Put this
  16. Extract only the use of 7zip, as are two of the same problem, when l come home at night, I'll download the mod and see if something is corrupted, if someone managed to extract the mod, post here please, don‘t use rar
  17. OK ...... I did vlasovas thanks ... thanks ... thanks you're great, great job ... +:thumbsup::thumbsup:
  18. Great mod thanks :thumbsup:
  19. i have tested this and i want to congrat with vlasovas.... This is nice, nice and nice mod.... Easy to use and updated.... Many Thank's vlaso...