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Mod name change.

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by 2stains, Feb 14, 2017.

  1. 2stains


    I really enjoy every car/track that has been made by the Modders and do appreciate all the work involved. Thanks.
    But some of the named of cars and tracks dont exactly discride the mod so without actually clicking on them its hard to remember what mod is what
    So can i go in and change the name to exactly the car or track name?
    I realise the maker of said mod named it the way they did for a reason but can make the selecting process more difficult.
    How would i change the mod name and will this have a knock on effect?
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  2. VernWozza


    I agree that it would be useful to me also. I think the issue might be when racing online and vehicle names not aligning with everyone elses. I do agree though, the naming of some cars is bizarre at times.
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