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Mod "illegal" question

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Juen-Jen Wang, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. So... I'm inquiring about the WTCC Extreme mod. It's pretty much like the GT historic mod that was ripped from GT Legends but yet the WTCC Extreme mod is illegal while the historic isn't.

    Is it ONLY because the historic mod has a cd/client check to make sure the user has a legal copy of GT?

    So technically it isn't illegal for me to distribute the WTCC Ex mod to other people who own GTR Evolution and rFactor? Just a question.
  2. It MUST conain a CD check for it be legal - you cannot just assume all have the game that say they do.....
  3. This actually answers my question pretty well. So the only reason why the historic GT mod is legal and the WTCC Ex aren't is because of a cd check... However:

    What happens if I KNOW the person has the RACE games. I.e. via steam. You can't fake a steam purchase/copy, and these people also have a valid (which the rF devs can check) paycode for rFactor.

    Wouldn't this make the mod legal to privately own? (while still making it illegal to distribute to others who dont have this kind of proof?)
  4. I believe the developers allowed their content to be ported if there was a CD check.

    What you and your mates do is your business. If you start posting links to it, expect trouble.
  5. so i can convert what ever i want if i make a cd check? :)
  6. The Developer was Sim Bin, and the content had to have been released for a minimum of time before conversion. 12 months from memory. This is all form my, pretty useless, memory. So, take it with a grain of salt.
  7. Warwick is correct - convert whatever you wherever you want, and you can distribute it publicly as long as there is a CD checker.

    With SimBin's work, it has to have been 'out' for 12 months llike he says.
  8. you do not need a cd checkerfor GTLegends it is not owned by simbin they made the game for tentacal or how every you spell it. they whent bust and under uk law you are free to use it. But if you do do it then you should at least say that the content was made by simbin.

    If you look at the histrox mod that no longer has the cd checker.
  9. any one know a program that i can create cd check with? :)
  10. bump:)
  11. Contact HistoricX or the EOAAGT crew for support on that.
    Also the cars and tracks converted must be atleast 1 year old if I remember correctly before converting it.
  12. Actually I'd like a cd check for the WTCC Ex mod too to make it legal.
  13. i would like to know how to create a check,anyone know?
  14. I would say ask the Historx mod team how they did there's. I have had a look on google and I cant find any thing that would help.

    http://historicgt.8.forumer.com/ That is there site.
  15. Have you tried asking the guys at the GT Legends workshop they must know as the P&G mod has it.
  16. Historix modders didnt get a response from the owners of gtlegends regarding the conversion, and just presuming a cd checks make it legal is laughable.
  17. It is indeed.
    However Simbin released a statement saying that their work can be converted IF it includes a CD-check AND the content is more than a year old.
    No clue where to find that statement as it was in the RSC days.
  18. Which covers the WTCC Ex mod if it would to have a cd check. No response from EOAA and HistoriX guys... :/ anyone where knows how to incorporate a cd check?