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Mod for pacenotes?

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Koray Can, Nov 1, 2009.

  1. Do any RBR mods change/fix the pacenote system?

    No matter what I do with the stack/callout distance settings they just don't work very well. With low callout distance at places I am through the corner before the co-driver finishes calling it. With high callout distance, inside an hairpin the co-driver speaks of corners I will not see for two seconds. But then in fast sections I hear a stream of "easyleft-flatright-easyleft-dontcut-fastright" and I don't know whether I am in the 1st or 2nd easy left because it may very well be that the co-driver couldn't keep up with the car (he always speaks at the same speed).

    Do you all play with maximum stack size?
  2. Everyone seems to be in agreement with me I guess.

    What I did find out was that the stack size doesn't affect what the co-driver says at all; it only changes how many icons are stacked on the right.

    Callout distance is all you can play with, and even 4-5 red boxes gives you 70-80m, which also depends on how fast you are going.

    All this works pretty ok except for stages like Cote D'Something where between the hairpins going uphill you can see at the top of the screen icons changing faster than the co-driver can speak them out.

    HTH somebody else
  3. That's what it does...
  4. The icons are off on my screen, never fiddled with the callout distance though. Just right there, maybe a tad too late...

    With the icons off my brains make the link more subconciously between roads and notes. So i can focus more on driving. :)
  5. I want this as my new pacenote mod !!!!
    :) :)
  6. Dude, that is hysterical. I don't think RBR supports "hand signals", though. It's long and it opens and it tightens!
  7. I can't see him getting into WRC though can you :wink:... Broadcasters would have a heart attack!!! lol