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Cameras Mod Cam Drivers Views Version finale

Drivers Views

  1. dyplan1 submitted a new resource:

    Mod Cam Drivers Views V.1_F1-2013 - Drivers Views

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  2. Anybody tried themes cams yet?
    Any thoughts?
  3. Salut Dyplan, tu fais toujours les meilleurs cam pour moi, dommage qu'il me manque la Torrorosso et la Williams.
    Merci !
    Ric :thumbsup::thumbsup:: Thumbsup:: Thumbsup:: Thumbsup:
  4. For my is the must view cam ! : Thumbsup:: Thumbsup:: Thumbsup:: Thumbsup:
  5. Doesn't work. The camera is flashing like hell and I can't even see anything.
  6. Soon version 2 with all cars
  7. What exactly is the problem that you have with my mod?
  8. Are u planning to make a version of it for all cars?
  9. Hyper réaliste comme Cam :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
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  10. Not bad, a bit too much movement for me and the auto left/right movement is ok for corners but not for correcting.
    Also on cars like the williams the rear mirrors become useless as you cannot see them, nor turn your head w/o turning the car.
  11. The latest version is coming soon.
    In foretaste Williams in action!
  12. Nick Milton

    Nick Milton
    Premium Race Ban

    download says no longer available?