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Misc Mod Cam Driver's Eyes v.3

1 Cam Driver View , 1 Cam Cockpit TV+ 2 Cam rear View

  1. NIce one !
    Perhaps you can help me.
    I am using Vorpx and OpenTrack for me Oculus Rift and the view is still to big.
    Meaning the steering wheel Looks like a lorry wheel.
    Could you let me know the parameters which I need to Change in which file to move the steering wheel more to the front and the Driver Position a little higher
    Thanks in advance
  2. Thank you for the compliment:

    Here are the parameters to be modified:

    <Parameter name = "fov" type = "scalar" value = "60000"
    FOV: the higher the value is small over the steering wheel is close to you

    <Parameter name = "offset" type = "vector3" x = "0.0000" y = "0.715" z = "- 0.0200" />
    the y value more is more garnde the view is high
  3. I want oposite I think. to me its very important that mirrors are not cut off.I have 16:9 and cant get wider area. I Just alter that fov value?sorry for bothering:)

  4. 2 solutions:
    1- soit vous augmenter la valeur du FOV
    2- soit vous dimunier la facture du Z
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  6. 2 solutions:
    1- you either increase the value of the FOV
    2- or dimunier you the bill of Z
  7. Thank you and merci beaucoup
  8. Im messing up.. cant find the scalar FOV value in the files that came with the mod. (Or in the similar for the game). It s half coded and half txt it seem. Tried a binary to txt converter with no luck. Am I looking wrong place?I found the z value but got pizzagraphics with my try and fail. Sorry again for the stress I really wanna see the full mirrors.:)

    EDIT:Seem I overlocked a mod ccalled very realistic cam 2.1. Im at work now ,but that mod might solve my personal issue
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2015
  9. How do i actually create a camera mod?
  10. hello, which use software to edit .xml files thanks to all