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Cars Mod AV F1 1994 For AMS 2016-04-14

Mods AMS,

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  1. 3GRacing

    Premium Member

    Been trying to convert this for weeks- ThankYou!!
  2. Hi, did not played yet but, on oponent selection screen, no names are showing
    Thank you for this mod
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  3. AI can't drive these cars very well. They just slide round corners
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  4. The cars look and sound fantastic, but i have some issues.

    1 - When I drive the cars, there are no tyre labels. In the showroom you see Goodyear Eagle on the tyres. In a race they are just black.
    2 - In the showroom the cars have their tobacco sponsors. Ferrari has Marlboro in the showroom, in the race it just has white lines. Tobacco sponsors are censored.
    3 - In timing sheets the team names look like this; ''Benetton-Ford F1_1994_F1SR''

    Thank you for your efforts otherwise as it looks and sounds really good.
  5. Just curious, where are the Ligier cars? It's just I have also been working on a 1994 mod with revised physics etc, yet have not released it as I found the Ligier cars had problems loading. Is this also why you took them out of the mod? It had same problems with the F1SR_1993 & 92 mods. In fact I found out that ANYTHING named Ligier caused problems, ie with LMP1 mods.
  6. yes this car has problems only in AMS for unknown reasons
  7. Bizarre! And its only in the last few updates as well. I had a fully working mod till then! Hopefully in time we can have it back in future updates, I have asked Renato about it over at Reiza, but where its a mod problem obviously he didn't reply, which is fair.
  8. Maybe someone at Reiza hates Ligier XD
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  9. Straight up! I'm not joking, only Ligier. Its some kinda anti French conspiracy!!
  10. Funny thing is, I have Ligier skins and the GSC 1979 Ligier, and they work fine.
  11. in gsc works well but not AMS
  12. well, if there is a league to use this mod, i am taker. thanks for this effort to bring more statut to the best simulation ( except weather s condition and darkness about night ) to pilot .
  13. hmm, i have installed f1 mods/skins of the seasons 88/90/91/93/94/95. ligiers are included; they all work fine.
  14. What f1sr mods?
  15. they are not from f1sr. just wanted to state that the game itself has nothing against ligier.;)
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2016
  16. Marco Guerra, can you provide the psd templates for painting this cars ?