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Mobile phone access

Discussion in 'Site Feedback & Support' started by Paul Wright, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. Hi,
    Not so much a problem in itself, but i've started using my phone to access the site......and the huuuuuge banner graphic (that one up there ^^^) kills my phone (by the time it's loaded the graphics twice i'm getting a 'memory full message....its an N97 btw, not shabby or horrendously old as such, but when each page is complete there's well over 1mb being downloaded per page...) - when you get to your next upgrade/revamp/freshen-up for the forum, would there be any chance to consider us poor mobile access types with limited memory capacity?

    many thanks in advance.....wrighty :)
  2. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    We first need to settle for a solid skin for normal daily pc use. When thats done we'll have a look in a mobile phone compatible skin (will come :D)
  3. Well my current experiences with mobile access are much positive, I have Nokia E52 and I am using Opera Mobile, with full graphic load and I cant even reach 100 kb per browsing, so if there will be some Mobile skin it would be nice to add option for "not on mobile" :D
  4. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Better now Paul?
  5. still too big for my bberry curve
  6. Ha! Ironically enough, i'd set my phone to 'text only' yesterday to try and alleviate the problem :D lemme grab it right now and see.......

    ......i did and it is thank you!!*

    *(the science bit......even with the new banner and with the right-hand blog and top donation bar 'widgets' hidden, the page still loads over 900kb of data which doesn't sound much i know but.....well it is really lol. In the end i can only ask so much, given that the main premise of the site is for online racing and therefore it kinda suggests that one should be sitting at a 'proper' pc of some description rather than a phone, but it's 'the little things' that help so much....i'll check my account settings from that login for settings like 'hide avatars' etc and if i can offer any guidance for 'streamlining' the access i'll happily do so. :) )

    Oh Willie, do you have to delete your history for the page to reload fully on the Blackberry?
  7. HMM... Tried that and cleared all of the cache, no luck.
  8. Paul what kind of browser are you using? I just cant understand how can you load per page 900kb, it cost me only 56 in the main, others are even less
  9. its a Nokia N96* m8 (so its a Symbian OS, and apologies that i said N97 earlier in the thread...my mistake, its a 96).....the only reason i know that's how much it's loading is that it has a little readout at the top of the screen telling me lol....the problem is, after several pages it gives me a 'memory full' message so i clear the history and the cache and it's ok, but of course by clearing the cache it then reloads the graphics for all pages the next time i open them so its a vicious circle in that regard.
    It's not the end of the world like, hence in the OP i'd said 'next upgrade/update/revamp or whatever', but that's not to say i don't appreciate the modification that Bram made, because i do muchly of course :)

    *(i'm hoping to get an upgrade sorted in the next couple of weeks so i might try the uber-browsing power of the N900 lol)
  10. Paul I have symbian OS too, maybe it is just different from the phone to phone (E52 for me), but I though that browsing is the same in each phone with this type of OS, maybe trying of another browser for you mobile will help you (not that default, it is crappy :) ), I am not able to make that much kb per page with full load as you do (and I am downloading everything except flash features, maybe thats it?)
  11. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    I don't have a choice about using the Symbian default browser, I find it pretty slow and horrible.
  12. For me it loads about 2MB which is huge...most of the sites done by me have under 300kb...even a forum done with my scripts have less than 200kb with a template full of images...
  13. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    So you are voluntering. Feel free to bring any improvement you can find, we'll be happy :)
  14. Abdul Al-Amry

    Abdul Al-Amry
    2011 RD Indy 500 Winner

    Finally. Paul give us a text only version RD site to start with. By the time I have finished taking a bog is when the site has loaded on the blackberry.
  15. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

  16. yes it works, it optimalized for the screen OK
    but I still prefer normal skin as here on PC (am I really the only one who hasnt problems with it?) if there would be an option for it, it would be great
  17. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    No I use the normal skin also on my iPhone, but on inferior devices (sorry :D) i can imagine people want to switch to a mobile skin. Ill leave this one on for now, although its far from perfect yet.
  18. So there wont be an option "not on mobile"? I mean some link, on the bottom which will deactive it
  19. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    No, then you will need to login/logout to reset it or use the links in the post above
  20. Ok it shouldnt be a problem to set that link as main page to my browser for it, thanks :)