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MMG Valencia Street Circuit

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Steve Emmons, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. i suppose it's too late to change venue for sundays race?
  2. Yeah i think it is too late , we can run it before next F1 event for a testnight.
    Just to get the feeling we didnt miss it :becky:
  3. yea, sounds like a beta rushed out to appear afore the gp... will prolly grab it this evening to just get a feel for the layout before the weekend :)
  4. Great ,can you give some feedback about the track ?
  5. i didn't get it in the end... had a race 07 club event so only had time to nail magny-cours for a bit... however, tonight is all about practicing the f1.. so i'll let you know later - if someone else doesn't get in first :)
  6. yea, so i had a mooch of this track... reports are true - it's pretty terrible... very very bland, almost zero detail... graphical anomalies aplenty (flickering etc)... mad high sea-level bordering the race track... needs a lot of work...

    don't know the track well enough to comment on the layout... superficiality ftw! :D
  7. Thx, i heard about the same thing. So far not an option for an event.