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Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by Richie Hill, Sep 24, 2012.

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I have seen a few threads around the forum that suggest ML2166 has decided to stop modding. I am sure you would all agree that this is a real shame, in fact a disaster!

    I am not totally sure why he has decided to stop, but I can guess it's largely down to the ungratefulness of a very small minority. I read somewhere that the Ferrari HD skin had received in excess of 900 downloads! What Ml2166 should of got was 900 THANK YOU's!

    His contribution of 3D models and frames have even made other modders lives easier so we can all benefit from the talented modders on this site, of which there are several, producing everything from skins to helmets, to track updates to cam mods.

    It's time the majority showed their support for someone who has given so much time to making our game's more enjoyable. Maybe, just maybe, ML2166 will surface again with more of his outstanding work. So what do you say?, let's have 900 messages of support below and make ML2166 feel appreciated so he feels like modding again, enjoying do it and look forward to the thanks he will get from those that benefit from his work.

    ML2166, Thanks
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  2. I thought hes concentrating on other things like helmets etc? I think he said that he will let others do cars and tracks and stuff but he will focus helmets now?
    not sure if im right but thats what I picked up from his comments, would be a shame tho because I really like all his stuff
  3. Oh! Maybe I have the wrong end of the stick completely! lol :O_o:

    I'm sure ML2166 will clarify!?
  4. Yea, thats I picked up too but what Hill says is also true. Some people here are soooo severely ungrateful even the devil would be ashamed.... I saw a lot of these idiots in the F1 2011 mod section... I hope people realize a decent isnt made in a split second and that the modding community loses great modders due to unrespectful, immature, unthankful behaviour..

    Anyhow, thx ML, for all the mods so far ! You're a modbeast !
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  5. All I can say is "humans". Theres always someone who isnt thankful or something similar.
    To avoid massive abuse of his work RD should maybe make the downloads only work if u like OPs post. I don't know how those PhP things work but I'm sure this is possible like on warez sides for ex. Downside of this is it ain't a real "thanks for your work and effort" but it's a start and people might jump on our train and even comment his work with some nice words. It's just my opinion but there will be always trolling and kiddos who flame things and being ungrateful. Thats just the way it is, shame for those who put big effort and time in those projects to make things for us much more enjoyable.
    sorry for my english I hope you get my point.

    keep racing! and thanks again for such an excellent work all of you modders in here!

  6. >1100 downloads = thanks...
  7. My entrance to RaceDepartment really came because of ML,he was my inspiration of making mods.

    I really think RaceDepartment should make a policy where inactive members more than 30 days(seen online and downloading but no feedback and likes/thank you) should be banned.
  8. And also i have found out that,you can download mods without signing up...that should be blocked too. Before there was no RD downloads server,now we have...so it is now easier to block files from non-members.
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  9. ML of course talent!
    Hats off!
    But there is also great modders who also need support and thanks for the work and time spent...
    many thanx for warok, pebz, pmgl,Rian Speed,kris.nenov,NobbyMilo,Blazing Rico,ZenonDyk....
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  10. PLEASE Come Back....
    ML2166 made some cars for F1 2011 including a Marussia Car
    That is better than the F1 Car... Stunning.
    He has a natural Talent.
  11. This looks like a funeral...everybody to tell some good for him... OK... He did a great job, especialy helmets, thanks ML. ;)

    ...and RIP ( Race In Peace)
  12. For thank you, it is valid for all the modder of most hardly in the lowest(weakest).

    I mod for pleasures and I have no training(formation) in designs or the other one, I learnt(taught) on f1 2011.
    People do not imagine the time(weather) which it is necessary to realize a car or a helmet(headphones). Especially when it is a question of realizing car vintage as ML the fact, so well.

    It is always a question even member which(who) leaves a comment or a "like".
    Personally, I " like " the biggest to modder, but do not hesitate to put a comment in the new to modder, especially if I see that there is some more of work. But at least it motivates the person.

    To oblige to post to have one thank you, in I am not on that is a solution. The free "comment" also allows to see the quality of the work.

    Sadden for my English.
  13. Let's hope it's not a funeral, this is more a discussion about the future of RD (at least a little discussion :))

    I agree with vadimtop that there's some other great modders to, like mentioned pebz, warok, pmgl, Rian Speed and so on; but I would like to add that anyone who sacrifices the time to create something and share it with the community deserves not only a Thank You, but also (both mental and working) support if he/she comes up with something new.

    I would like to mention here two names, both of which could still (at least as far as I can see) need support with the work they've started:
    • One of them is Schifty031, who has found good support in doc303 working on the 1994 conversion - but maybe they could need some more help, be it in researching or skinning or whatever.
    • The other one is Maxime Parquet, who has just recently come up with the idea of a Champions mod, including only former World Champions, which I personally think to be an excellent idea.
    I'm not much of a modder myself, since I neither have the talent nor a good and up-to-date version of Photoshop (otherwise you'd see one or the other rather shameful attempt on skinning from me ;)), but I have great sympathy and even more respect towards all modders here at RaceDepartment; and I admire anyone who ignores the hundreds of people downloading stuff without saying Thanks.

    And among those who are most active on this forum; even if you don't download something (or don't frequently use skins, helmets etc.), just encourage all these fantastic modders to keep up their work! It's for our benefit, they don't earn anything but one or the other friendly word.

    Conclusively, I would like to thank ML2166 for all the amazing stuff he has shared with us; and if his decision to quit modding (no matter to what extent, be it absolutely quitting or just reducing the amount of mods produced per day ;)) is permanent, which I am afraid is the case, then we are to ask ourselves why a creative and talented modder like ML has decided to no longer share his creativity - because it's definitely not his fault, but ours.

    So, here's a final and deep-from-the-heart


    going out to all those fantastic modders out there who make us happy by sharing their works - no matter, what game they might be for.
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  14. of course we hope it's just that he's got loads on and has decided to focus on helmets......?
  15. Quote from ML2166

  16. Only one thing ML2166:

    Thank you very much for all your good work for the community!

    F1 2012 is much better with your great contributions!
  17. Just noticed he took even the car wireframes.
    I hope he reconsiders his decision. Stop modding just because one bad message.
    Anyway, i wish to thank him as he did a great work for the community and he have some very good editing skills.
  18. ML2166=:thumbsup: :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
  19. ML2166 i love your mods so much and i would even donate !!!
    I dont know why you stop modding but to tell you i will miss your effort doing such efforts on modding cars that precise and beautiful
    Thank you for them...

    Totally agree ... a year ago it was only for registered members which i found is much better
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  20. ML2166, all of your mods are awesome, I loved them all. Big :thumbsup: for you! please come back!
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