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Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by IcemanLFS, Oct 9, 2012.

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  1. ML2166, i think i speak for all the fans of your work, that you are the best modder in this forum and your work makes this game comes alive. Like i said before, you are a true artist and all your work are your masterpieces that everyone enjoy and respect. As for myself, i totally respect your work and your decision of removing all your posts, after what happened, but let me tell you one thing, WE NEED YOU! We need people like you, with skills to make things that nobody can do. I understand that you may be upset and angry, because i know you HAD NO INTENTION off offending no one, but please, i belive you are better than that, i think you can show everyone how good you are by getting over this and think in all of us, like myself, that everyday look into this forum expecting to see your next realeses.

    So, for all the fans of ML2166, if you like to see him comeback, post your feelings and thoughts.


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  2. panande


  3. For gods sake, stop begging.:rolleyes: Perhaps he is basking in all this glory and he's enjoying the limelight? Seeking attention maybe?:ninja:
  4. Hope you come back :)
    Best modder available
  5. That will be fantastic if he come back and give some more amazing and marvelous work of his!
    I sign too for ML2166 return!
  6. ...signed...
  7. 100% Support for ML2166, be a man, man :thumbsup:
  8. +1
  9. ARG1980

    Copenhagen APEX Premium

    get back here, NOW :)
  10. 1000% signed.. I'm not the kind of person to beg like that, but I simply think you overreacted mate when you decided to delete everything because of one single post, we all need you there, you're one of the best modders out there so COME BACK !
  11. It would be nice if he came back, however if he does he does, if he don't he don't.
  12. Darn. Where did he go???
  13. best thing you can do ML2166 is make a come back to end all come backs!

    Deleting everything is want they wanted :(
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  14. signed :thumbsup:

    Please don´t stop your awesome work(s)
  15. He should work for Codemasters, and should have the best salary, also some others modders in this forum ;)
  16. He should come back, really, so should you IcemanLFS, your cams were pretty awesome :p.
  17. I'm new to this site (only after getting F1 2012) but it doesn't take a long time to realise ML has some serious talent. I was lucky enough to download some of the 2xHD cars before they were pulled and my God, I can quite happily sit there drooling over them for hours in the menu screen alone!
    I'd give anything to have the kind of skill you have mate, but we all respect your decision, and just hope you realise how much we miss you! :cool: Take care
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  18. As i said to the offended thread, I hope he come back.
    But if he don't, its his choice.... And we must accept it.
  19. signed!!
  20. /sign
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