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Mixfile ReMixer 0.1.6

Mixfile ReMixer 0.1.6 developed by LeMic

  1. Tommi-TAG submitted a new resource:

    Mixfile ReMixer Ver.0.1.6 - Mixfile ReMixer 0.1.6

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  2. can you give me a little tutorial about how to mod CUS_SUIT_XXX.DDS file ?
    i keep getting error message after i pack the mix file which bring me the full black suit at career mode.
    thank you :)
  3. [Tutorial] How to use Mixfile ReMixer

    This is a small tutorial about how to use Mixfile ReMixer :)


    - Thanks to LeMic for Mixfile ReMixer and for making it possible to Mod this game.
    ( http://reg.bpmstudios.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=4553 )
    ( http://reg.bpmstudios.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=4614 )

    - Thanks to Luigi Auriemma for his support to Mixfile ReMixer.
    ( http://aluigi.altervista.org/ )

    - Thnaks to Milestone for this fantastic MotoGP 13 game and enabling us to Mod this game.
    ( http://www.milestone.it/ )
    ( http://www.motogpvideogame.com/ )


    You can download Mixfile ReMixer Ver.0.1.6 from here.
    ( Note : Please use the latest Ver.0.1.6 for MotoGP 13.)



    - Please do not forget to make a backup of the original ".MIX" file.

    - Before editing ".MIX" file, please check the property of the file and remove "Read-Only" option from it.
    1. Select the ".MIX" file you want to edit.
    2. Right-click on the selection and click on Properties.
    3. On the General tab, clear the Read-only check box.
    4. Click on OK.

    Tutorial : How to use Mixfile ReMixer

    < Step 1 : Unpack ".MIX" file >

    This time, I'd like to explain about the case of replacing Marquez's skins to Stoner's ones.

    ( 1 ) Before unpacking ".MIX" file, please create a new folder to extract files in ".MIX" file.

    => This time, I create a new "MotoGP13_Unpack" folder under C: drive.


    ( 2 ) Unzip "Mixfile_ReMixer_v0_1_6.zip" and click on "Mixfile ReMixer.exe" and launch the tool.

    ( 3 ) Select "Extract files" tab above.

    ( 4 ) Click on "Browse" above and choose the directory where the original ".MIX" file is located.

    => C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\MotoGP2013\MOTOGP.MIX
    ( C:\Program Files (x86)\Milestone\MotoGP13\MOTOGP.MIX )

    ( 5 ) Click on "Browse" below and choose the directory to extract files.

    => C:\MotoGP13_Unpack

    ( 6 ) Check "Extract all files in mixfile" below.

    ( 7 ) Then click on "Extract files".

    Extracting process will be displayed at the bottom left of the menu.
    And "Done extracting *** files" message will be displayed when it's done.

    ( 8 ) Open "MotoGP13_Unpack" folder and you'll find new "MOTOGP" folder in it.



    < Step 2 : Edit files >

    ( 9 ) Please edit the extracted files in "MOTOGP" folder.

    For example ...




    < Step 3 : Repack ".MIX" file >

    ( 10 ) Select "Create new mix file" tab above.

    ( 11 ) Click on "Browse" above and choose the directory where edited files are located.

    => C:\MotoGP13_Unpack\MOTOGP

    ( 12 ) Select "SBK-X/V8" from the drop-down menu below.

    ( 13 ) Click on "Browse" below and choose the the original ".MIX " file.

    => C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\MotoGP2013\MOTOGP.MIX
    ( C:\Program Files (x86)\Milestone\MotoGP13\MOTOGP.MIX )

    ( 14 ) Then click on "Pack new mixfile".

    Packing process will be displayed at the bottom left of the menu.
    And "Done packing *** files" message will be displayed when it's done.


    ( 15 ) Launch "MotoGP 13" and check the new liveries.
    That's it :) !


    Mixfile ReMixer is a simple tool with UI and you'll soon be able to understand how to use it.
    Once again, I appreciate LeMic & Luigi Auriemma for this great tool, and also appreciate Milestone for this fantastic game.

    Hope this helps and you enjoy modding MotoGP 13 :) !
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  4. thank you, your tutorial work flawlessly :)
    still looking for the helmet file right now... ;)

    one more question, is the repacked MIX file will have a bigger size than the original MIX file ?? (ex. MOTOGP.MIX original File is 139,007 KB. when i repack the file without doing anything to the file it became 237,128 KB), is this normal ?
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  5. How open extracted files?
  6. You can edit texture files with Photoshop etc and text files with Binary Editor.
    It is a basic knowledge of the PC. So, please google it and learn how to edit each file by yourself.
  7. Thank You!!!

    How did you get to put the helmet nolan above shoei, and make it look good?
    I try the rossi agv in xlite carrer helmet and he was not very well :(
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  8. As for repacked file size, it is normal.
    Mixfile ReMixer is not an official tool, so it happes the repacked files are bigger than the originals.

    And I recommend you to Unpack and Repack each MIX file one by one.
    For example, please try unpacking all track's MIX files into one foleder.

    C:\Program Files (x86)\ ... \MotoGP2013\Tracks

    You'll find all tracks files are extracted to one "TRACKS" folder


    If we repack this "TRACKS" folder into one MIX file ... we can easily imagine what will happen :)
  9. Thanks for your reply, jose.
    In MotoGP 13, each helmet brand uses its specific template. So, if we want to convert helmet textures to another riders, sometimes we have to change each riders helmet brand by editing DATA.MIX file.
    Changing riders' helmet and skin is one of the most fun part of the modding, so I'm planning to write a tutoril about how to change it.
    I need some more time and will post it here :)
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  10. Hello Guys!

    Is it possible to open the 3D files somehow? I would like to see what I'm painting ..

    Thanks for answers..!

  11. We could use 3dSimED for Milestone's old titles to open 3D files.


    But we can't use this tool for Milestone's recent titles as far as I know :)
  12. Wow, cool thanks! How this thing works? :rolleyes:
  13. I can't explain everything. Please buy 3dSimED and try it by yourself if you are interested in modding :)
  14. Well I'm only interested in how can I open modells etc etc... in zMod it is quite easy. :)) I would be really happy, if Milestone pubilishes templates for the game, but I know its not really possible. :D

    Sorry for my english guys.
  15. I'm sorry I could not help you so much. But if you know how to use ZModeler, you'll soon be able to understand how to use 3dSimED.
    And I remember, we can try 3dSimED for 20 days for free. So, you can try it easily.
    New version, "3dSimED 3" is under development now. But it is still WIP, and as far as I've tested, it does not seem to support Milestone titles yet. So, please try this Version 2.17.


    Hope this helps. And maybe someone knows the way, I'd like to wait for the information :)
  16. Thanks mate!
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  17. Thanks for your reply. And I also hope we'll be able to find the way :)
  18. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?



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  19. Hello, ML2166.
    Thanks for your posting here and Welcome :) !
    I know you are a professional and know the Modding way how to edit Milestone's 3D models. But I was not sure you are interested in Motorbike Sims & Games.
    To be honest, I thought of you in my previous comment "someone knows" :roflmao:
    And now, really glad to see your great renders as always.
    Motorbike games are popular, but not so popular as F1 games. But we MotoGP & SBK fans love Milestone's games and have some dreams of what we want to do in this game.
    If you have time and will be able to share some modding information and stuffs, it would be really appreciated :)
    Thanks again !