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Mods MITSUBISHI Lancer evo.4 livery for Lancer evo X 1.1

MITSUBISHI lancer evo4 evoX GroupA R4 replica parody 4k HD

  1. Really nice, great work.
  2. Yes that's very nice one. May I suggest these 2 liveries, in the pictures they are also
    evo14e.jpg 1210441671_f7.jpg
  3. Ok thank you very much.
  4. Screen shots. Version 1.0
    2015-11-08_00018.jpg 2015-11-08_00021.jpg 2015-11-08_00022.jpg 2015-11-08_00023.jpg 2015-11-08_00026.jpg 2015-11-08_00028.jpg 2015-11-08_00031.jpg 2015-11-08_00032.jpg
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2015
  5. well done. thanks a lot.:cool: