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Missing txt in tutorial?

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by ebrich, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. ebrich


    I was looking through the tutorials in cream.galleria and the "Bump_Spec_Mapping \ New text Doc.txt" appears to be empty. Nulle kb. I suppose its a read me file joining the images together. Anybody have it?
  2. Sorry, it's a empty textfile.. Never meant to be there in the first place, ill delete it. The tutorial is here: http://simtrackipedia.wikidot.com/bumb-and-spec-map-creation
  3. ebrich


    Thanks Kennett.
  4. Erwin Greven

    Erwin Greven

    I can only see "x"-jpg files. As if there are no pictures.
  5. In Simtracipedia? Works fine from here.. I'm sorry about the interface in galleria, it's the most basic FTP-server. It ain't pretty but it is lean..
  6. Yes, I can't see pictures neither. But I can right click these "X" and open in new browser's window.
  7. What browser are you guys using?

    Testing: [​IMG]

    Do you guys see that?
  8. Ahh, good idea to check on other browsers. My result: pictures are only on Mozilla Firefox. On Chrome, Safari and IE - I can't see them.
  9. I checked with Chrome and it works too... IE, well, i don't even regard that as a browser. It just the program that i have to use once to download the latest Firefox after clean windows install :cool: So when i do webdesign, i never even think about IE...

    EDIT: nevermind, downloading Safari and Opera...

    EDIT2: Simtrackipedia: Safari and IE bugs, Opera, Chrome and Firefox works with my links. RD: every browser works with the exact same links... It's a Wikidot issue...
  10. LOL, I cleared all thrash from my system with several programs - temporary internet files, cleared registry, error repairs etc. - now pictures work in Chrome too ;)

    By the way - before that I had problems with Facebook (I could not load it) - now the problems are gone too :D
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