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Missing Tracks in Menu

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by BattleOvce, Aug 11, 2015.

  1. BattleOvce


    Hello everyone. I have in my game around 70 tracks. Now I noticed that many of them missing in game menu. For example I have whole collection of BTCC tracks made by Patrick G. (also that delete one) and the game menu just dont show them. All tracks was working very very well and now .... I tried run steam 'verify integrity of game cache' and nothing is missing. Im using rfdynhud only. I rather deleted, put back default d3d9 file and still the same issue. Any ideas where could be the problem ? Many thanks :)
  2. I've had this issue BattleOvce and it's frustrating. What I deduced (with the help of Patrick) is that if you have more than one of the same track (mine was Hockenheim Historic and the Hockenheim track from the F190 pack), it will only display one of them. I couldn't get Patricks excellent HH to show up but once I took the F190 version out, it showed up just fine. Which tracks are you having an issue with? Is it several or just one or two?
  3. BattleOvce


    Many of them, I quess around 30 I would say. I will make a screenshot with all of my tracks and add color signals whats in game and whats not. but now I dont have enought time, maybe in the evening maybe, 2 hour later :)

    idea ? Can it be cause by game update to 1.35, just few track are not compactibe with this version ?
  4. Kenny Paton

    Kenny Paton
    Staff Premium

    Have you kept the BTCC tracks inside the BTCC folder?
  5. tpw


    If you use a non standard UI, such as UIdata you may also not see all tracks. For instance if I use UIData then Patrick G's excellent Winton track does not show up.
  6. BattleOvce


    Im using default User interface. I like it more than rFactor one.

    And yes I kept BTCC tracks in BTCC folder together (always worked like that)

    in the evening I will post that list of tracks :) if it is needed
  7. Btcc tracks are supposed to be in a specific BTCC11 folder ingame.
    As said, any previous version could cause problems, Need to be deleted first.

    No other idea :(
  8. BattleOvce


    And CART EXTREME Tracks just not there too :D I probably reinstall whole game and download all tracks again. Heres screenshot of all my tracks :)

    Attached Files:

  9. Gringo


    I would try to cut / paste the tracks that do not show up into a new folder (outside gsc folder) and then try to add them back. You might be able to narrow down the problem track by sorting your track folder by date modified, then select the recently added tracks first.

    Another thing I notice is the loose files... the skys , racegroove, skidhard, these could cause some conflict that (possibly) results in this menu behavior (just a thought). Loose files in the "SHARED" folder could also be possible.

    Make a backup of your "Locations" folder so you don't get lost... reinstall is likely not needed.
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2015
  10. BattleOvce


    I am going to uninstall the game and I download tracks again :) I had really mess in that folder anyway :D
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