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Missing pink node control handles

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Stadow, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. the pink node control handels (as seen in youtube clips) are missing.

    when i first downloaded the evo (demo) they were there for only one day.
    i have since reg the evo copy. maybe i switched them "off" by accident?

    can someone please help me on how to actvate them again?

  2. your probably in cardinal layout...on your menu at the top go to view, scroll down to options and change the setting from cardinal to bezier. see if that solves your problem :redface:
  3. tried the setting from cardinal to bezier. and even back again. still no pink handels :(

    anybody have any other options/ideas?
  4. That's just the default setting for subsequent tracks, not existing tracks.
    Click on the active track button: switch_track.gif and you'll see a bezier or cardinal setting for each existing track.
  5. awesome!!! the handles are back, problem solved!

    thanks James Capper and R Soul

    (i'm still a noob but i will get there :))