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misplaced pace car

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by blackhatracing, Mar 4, 2012.

  1. anyone have any idea why my pace car is sitting abandoned on the track?If you look at my you tube video....I posted the link on finished tracks...not wip...and I cant move it....but anyway just before entering the tunnel up on the right the poor wee pace car is stuck there....any ideas how this can be fixed?
  2. ebrich


    Hi Blackhat.
    In BTB - Start/Finish positions, did you place the 2nd Aux somewhere where the poor wee thing would be happy? Like in the pit road.
    If you did, then I can only think that its a pace car with a mind of its own.
  3. ahhhhh....never did that I'll give it a go and hopefully the pace car driver will stop bending my ear......thanks ebrich...
  4. hi Ebrich when I checked it out it was set up ok,one car at the front of the grid and another at the end of the pitlane....it must have a mind of its own because it is not in the pitlane but away on the other part of the track...by the way the track is for gtr2...I bought it last week and after playing gtr evo for years I must admit gtr2 is the better game you can set time of day,have all the shadows on.....etc etc
  5. ebrich


    gtr2 sounds good enough to put on my xmas list.

    I suppose you could count yourself lucky that it didn't choose the middle of the track!
  6. lol oh well maybe I'll sort it out but for gtr2 you can get it on ebay new for 11 euros....I think and if you go to http://www.pilsbierbude.de and register they will give you 400 tracks and 2000 cars!!!!! just get the autoupdater and wait for a few hours...its a 15gig download but when you have got it it loads all the tracks and cars into the game!!!!!!you dont need to do anything then you can play on their servers...
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  7. There is a bug in BTB Evo where the pace car location is not stored properly. I could bet that the pace car appears in the origin, coordinates 0,0,0 ... That's why i start with 0,0,0 being located in the pits (or under it....). I haven't studied this further but it was something to do with the last pitbox location being the pace-car coordinates but i might mix up that info with rF generated AIW..

    And i have to comment on the GTR2 vs Race07: GTR2 has more variety regarding ontrack conditions. But and it's a big but, FFB is awful and the game has inbuilt inaccuracies to "help" the driver. For me GTR2 feels like driving with a car made of rubber where as Race07 feels like precision.
  8. ebrich


    Thanks Kennett. That makes more sense.
  9. thanks for the reply kennett but its a bit late to be changing the layout of my track so I guess I'll to live with it.As for gtr2 I have a g25 wheel and pedals and with the right set up and the interface for force feedback you can get via http://www.pilsbierbude.de/ I dont feel a difference between evo and gtr2......maybe a little but nothing worth mentioning.
  10. There are other ways of placing the Pace Car other than just using BTB. You can edit the AIW - just need to find the coordinates for where it should be. Do you use SimED at all? If all else fails, put up a link to your track and and I could easily find where the x,y,z should be for the Pace Car.
  11. thanks dingo Ihave simed but havent the foggiest of how to use it.....lol lol...tried but gave up,so if you could have a look at my track for me that would be great,I'll get it uploaded and get a link up....