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Mirror setting?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Attila Domján, Feb 11, 2007.

  1. Hi guys,

    I have a question: is it possible to get somehow a mirror from a hood view?
    I can set real mirrors in the game, which is of course visible form cockpit view only, and when i set virtual mirrors nothing is happening.... from cockipt view the mirrors with this setting just dark (of course, should be.....), but i thought when i set it to virtual in the video settings, then i will get a rear view mirror in hood view, but unfortunately nothing happens (also in other views there is no any mirror with setting it to virtual)

    I tried it on different detail level, thought that as it was set to minimum might be this is the problem, but on max video level there is also no virtual mirror, just real.

    I would love to have a mirror in hood view as well, i think it would help to avoid accidents like i had in race 2 at the start, if i could watch back also continuously, but from cockpit view where i can set these mirrors i see less from the track, i dont like it. At the moment i have a button in the wheel assigned for looking back, but sometimes it is really not possible to look only backwards.....

    Can anyone help me out, how to get a virtual mirror in hood view?
  2. Maurice Hurkmans

    Maurice Hurkmans
    RD Travel Expert

    Just set the mirror settings to virtual and when you're in the game press 1.

    Then you'll have (like me) an mirror when driving with bonnetview.
  3. thx, it is working now!!!

    Where the hell is written you need to press also 1....????

    Stupid game.... loooool
  4. didn't knew that either... but my settings are different (like 1-4 is seat adjustment :) ). Probably there is a key setting for Toggle Mirror or such... :)
  5. LOL i use in car view so i always have mirrors but for perfomace issues ive turnt them off
  6. Yoeri Gijsen

    Yoeri Gijsen
    aReDeeeLeMeS Staff

    In control settings there is an option to bind a key to 'toggle mirror'. I changed mine into 'M' because i need to 1,2, 3-0 for my quick chat.