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Mirror quality

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Thomas Friedrich, Feb 12, 2015.

  1. Hi everyone,
    is there a possibility to improve the quality(resolution) of the mirrors and even more important I really want to increase the draw distance! This pop-out of larger sections of the track is really annoying.
  2. From the ISI Forum: Click here

    I've not tried these settings: but here it is:

    There are some options you can change in RF2 player.json file regarding rearviews, first option is this one below. Take note mirror rendering seems to be a pretty big killer if your GPU is low on vram. Using my gtx480 sli setup disabling mirrors completly made a huge effect on frame rates but with my GTX titan I can do whatever I like with mirrors with no big performance hit.

    Rearview Cull="1" // Whether to cull objects in the rearview based on visgroups in the SCN file

    Quite simple this one setting it as 1 has it default to whatever is allowed or culled within the car mod settings, set this to 0 and it will show everything the same as your front view.

    Rearview_Front_Clip="0.50000" // Front plane distance for mirror (0.0 = use default for scene)
    Rearview_Back_Clip="0.00000" // Back plane distance for mirror (0.0 = use default for scene)
    Rearview Particles="1"

    This is the clipping distance in meters I assume for both front and rear planes on the mirrors. Adjust the rear to a higher number and it will draw further objects further away from the car. Not sure if this is independent of the first option or if you also need to set cull to "0" in order to have control over draw distance.

    Self In TV Rearview="0" // add values for any that should be visible (0=none): 1=rear wing & wheels, 2=body & susp, 4=cockpit, 8=steering wheel (15=all)
    Self In Cockpit Rearview="0" // add values for any that should be visible (0=none): 1=rear wing & wheels, 2=body & susp, 4=cockpit, 8=steering wheel (15=all)

    This will allow you to see the car in the rearview however it will not do anything in most mods as most cockpits dont actually draw the entire car only the front half. In order for the car to be visible the car mod cockpit view must have the entire car rendered when in cockpit.

    Regarding resolution of mirrors this can only be changed with the mirror texture within the mods, creating your own mirror.bmp and putting it in the car folder no longer works as it did in RF1 so its up to modders to provide a higher res texture selectable in the car mods screen or you changing and repackaging the car. However it could be possible that a custom car skin may work in some way with a custom mirror image in the same way as some people are changing the windscreen textures in this thread. Though I havent tried this yet but someone can do and see if it works.
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  3. Thank you Gijs!
  4. Just for completion and everything you should know about the mirrors in rF2:

    By default hit "3" to toggle between virtual mirrors, real mirrors or both.

    If you use "shift", "ctrl" and "alt" as modifiers, you can control the left/right/up/down view in the mirrors and the in/out view of the mirrors.

    - Ctrl+Seat : Left Mirror Horiz
    - Ctrl+Alt+Seat : Center Mirror Horiz
    - Alt+Seat : Right Mirror Horiz

    - Shift+Seat : Mirror Adjustment Horriz
    - Shift+Ctrl+Seat : Rearview Width
    - Shift+Alt+Seat : Mirror Physical x,y,z

    Player.json settings:

    "Moving Rearview":3, // set it to 0 or 2 if rear mirror view changes a lot from car to car.
    "Moving Rearview#":"Whether mirrors respond to head movement in cockpit (0=none, 1=position-only, 2=FOV-only, 3=both) - add 4 if you want to IGNORE head-tracking movement",

    "Rearview Independent":false, // change it to true if you change FOV a lot and rear view doesn't need to change.
    "Rearview Independent#":"Whether width (horizontal FOV) can be controlled independently of height (vertical FOV)",

    Last edited: Feb 22, 2015
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  5. Timothy Wheatley

    Timothy Wheatley
    Image Space Incorporated

    What great replies, Gijs!
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  6. Did they lower the virtual mirror in build 930? It has to be different because it's bothering me now. How does one put the mirror back up at the top of the screen?

  7. Frederic Schornstein

    Frederic Schornstein
    TXL Racing Premium

    Your pedal plugin is lower as well. Maybe it is because of the LCD on the top. Have you tried a diffrent HUD?
  8. If you mean a 3rd party hud, no. I have tried a couple of the stock huds but still the mirror is low on the screen.

    All was fine until the 1.25 update. Is there no way to customize the hud and physically moves things around?

  9. Resolution looks like 4:3 in your image, new UI is optimized for 16:9 full HD.
  10. My monitor is a 19" 4:3 ratio. I take it the hud is not able to be rearranged manually then?
  11. Just a guess: Do you have "Widescreen HUD" enabled? Maybe it did automatically during the update.

    - Open the launcher
    - Click on the settings "gear".
    - Click on "Video settings".
    - Turn widescreen HUD off.
  12. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. The widescreen hud checkbox made no difference but 2 below it was "stretch ui" and that did the trick.

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