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Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Kevin Pheiffer, Aug 26, 2015.

  1. Hey guys
    I need some help.
    Is it possible to turn down the mirrors to less detail?
    With mirrors on, I get 50fps.
    With mirrors off, I get 200fps.
    A number of my drivers have this problem.
    This happens with any driving view.
    Thanks a lot.
  2. Reduce the "Mirror" file resolution (in Paint)
    File should be in the folder of the mod you are running. rFactor standard resolution is like 1024x64, Reiza uses something around 5000 so it's a lot. Reduce it till you get nice fps or till you think it's good and won't look too ugly
  3. Yes, try this: I just tested it with the F_Classics and it raised my fps from 174 to 209 with mirrors on :)

    Look in the vehicles folder for the vehicles you want to change. In there you will find a file called mirror.bmp.
    I reduced it's resolution by 50% (i.e. in paintshop pro I changed it from default 5120x854 down to 2560x427), and gained those fps!
    And I could barely tell any difference in the mirror!

    The mirror dimension changes for each car I think, so you would need to do this for each car you drive. I bet you could reduce it even further for still more gains.

    Hope that helps.
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  4. Ha, beat me to it, sorry, was testing it then hit the post button without refreshing :)
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  5. Great help.
    Thank you guys.
  6. One last question
    What if there is no .bmp file in the Vehicles folder? Does the game then use the default that comes with GSC?
    I notice a number of default car mods do not have the file.
    Can I resize one that does and paste it into the mod I'm using?
    Thanks again
  7. I haven't tried that but it may well work. But there's no harm in trying, and if it does work, you will just have to try the different size mirror files until you find the one with the correct proportions.
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2015
  8. OK, tried a million sizes.
    Still get the same.
    As soon as mirrors go off, frame rate increases to 200+.
    I'm really having a hard time with this. Could it be something else?
    I run opponent detail on low now, makes no difference though. Out of ideas and the cars are undrivable like this.
  9. hm.. did you try to resize the file that is in the Vehicle folder (not the one inside the mod folder, some mods may not have it there like the EEC GT3)
  10. What cars are you trying to do this for? Maybe I can try here
  11. two ways, if the cars have a mirror on its car folder you have to change this one, if the cars using the standard mirror you have to change the one on the vehicles folder...

    the game should load the files from the car folders before the ones on the vehicle folder, so try to add a resized mirror.bmp into the car folders itself...
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  12. We tried that. Not working.
    There is nothing in common between the drivers that are having this problem. Some on Windows 7, others on Windows 8. Also, they use both ATI and nVidia cards.
    There is just a massive frame drop with the mirrors on.
    I resized them to 1024x64 even, didn't help.
    We removed all other mods in the game too. Made no difference.
    Out of 24 drivers, about 6 or 7 of them have this problem. Me included.
  13. you can see the changed resolution ingame? with this size you should have a kind of minecraft grapics on the mirrors, if you have still a high res there the game wont load the changed mirror... then for sure there wont be a difference...
  14. We have tried all sizes.
  15. i wanted to know if you can see a difference on the mirrors when you are on track
  16. Yep if you reduce the mirror resolution it will look bad, so if you get in your car and you still have a good graphics mirror then the one being loaded is NOT the one you changed and you have to look for right one
  17. LOL. The mirror is not so good at 1024x64. You can see, but bad picture.
    It is the right mirror, you can see the difference.
    Frames still bad.
  18. No idea then, some other mirror options may be "on' in the plr file, you'll have to look for a rFactor mirror tutorial
  19. OK, thanks Will.
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