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Minis @ Pau - Friday 28th November 2008

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Racing Club & Leagues' started by Andrew Evans, Nov 29, 2008.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Password: Click here

    Class: Mini Cooper S
    Track: Pau
    Weather: Dry​

    Practice: 23:00 GMT (15 mins)
    Qualification: 23:15 GMT (10 mins superpole)
    Race: 23:25 GMT (2 x 15 laps)​


    This is an impromtu get together for everyone that got jacked from the main mini event - however, it's open to anyone. If you fancy it, pop along - there are no sign ups.​
  2. hell im in, bored s**tless at the min.
  3. Oooh I'll join - lag ended my race :(
  4. reboot your router, farm boy!
  5. Yes Mr Effans.
  6. me plz andrew. got that bored i was playin css 4 a while :0
  7. Thanks Andrew for setting this up. My first time in Mini's and my first ever street circuit race. I managed to finish race 1, without even getting lapped!:victory: I had two close encounters with the barriers, but both were minor. Then, just as I crossed the finish line for Race 1, Steam crashed and kicked me out of the game!:pissed-off::pissed-off::pissed-off:

    I was really pumped about race 2 because I was running 7th, and would have a good start location. Also, I set my new PB during the race (admittedly a slow 1:34.1, but that was over a second better than I was earlier, and I made several 1:34 laps). I was just getting the hang of the Mini's, and learning where the Armco sticks out a bit :shame:. I'll try cleaning my installation I guess, but it was the Steam client that claimed to fail, and that updated quite recently.

    Oh well, thanks guys, and I hope I can run again with you soon.

  8. Had some really close racing :)
    Man that track is really hard to overtake people on
    Cheers Andrew for the event
    Of topic
    Did anybody get this when they crossed the start line?
  9. Good fun that, wins apiece for me and Gary - really enjoy driving those cars on tight tracks as it gives some great racing.

    Thanks for organising it at such short notice :dance2:
  10. That was fun, didn't hit anyone from following them which pleased me. :)
    1st race was a bit of screw up after having to pit after a crash.
    2nd race I started 2nd but after a bit of push and shove and a spin I was down to last.
    Caught back up and chased Andrew, we both went of at turn 1 which was amusing and he finished ahead of me :p.
  11. Many thanks Andrew for a quick knock up bit of fun after the Enduro debacle,much enjoy! :D
  12. Yup - I get that all the time on Pau.
  13. A bit of late night unexpected fun! ta Andrew :)
  14. gr8 fun thanks Andrew!!!!
  15. ho ho

    First quali - hit the tyres on my hotlap coming out of the second chicane. Smoke was pouring out and it told me my race was over but the car was still running fine and I got a 1:38
    Second quali just a normal 1:34 :)
    Tried the start with auto clutch off to see the difference. Did seem to get away slowly
    Race 1 - off the start okay, a bit slow. Then i became the filling in a sandwhich of Laurence and Armco bread, unfortunately laurence spun but as I was going in a straight line and braking fully there wasn't anything I could do :(. Anyway, managed to finish the race which is always a bonus on Pau :D. finished 5th I think
    Race 2 - another slow start. Back down to last place after a couple of corners. Went past a couple of people at the side of the road... came accross, err whoever lost lots of places after spinning... then took T1 weirdly and got wedged in the barrier.. force feedback went a bit crazy. Thought about carrying on but my suspension was pretty meh.

    thanks for getting it set up :)
  16. some lolsome moments - david spinning and about four of us doing it in sympathy... or me and lewis into the tyres at t1... good stuff... and nice turn out for such short notice... cheers y'all! :D
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