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Minimum fps to play

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by tatsuya, Dec 24, 2013.

  1. Hi guys. I've got 30 fps minimum playing assetto. That's good enough to get no lag on wheel or i need more?
  2. That's something you have to figure out for yourself...Some guys will say yeah and others will tell you that you need anywhere from 100+ to as close ti a thousand as you can get to have no input lag.

    I would try to turn enough down to get 60 or as close to it as possible.
  3. Justin Swan

    Justin Swan

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  4. I've made a nice tutorial about this, I've tried to update it and messed things up. Did RD introduce a character limit in one post ? Never mind.

    To enjoy the visual part of AC at it's best, you need 50 or a 100Hz refresh rate because this game features a constant refresh rate physics engine, just like LFS.
    I'm not sure what that refresh rate is but it surly is a multiplication of 50, most likely it's a 100Hz, like LFS. This means that if you are running the game with Vsync enabled on a non 50 or 100Hz display then you will encounter stuttering.

    This is the only known way to make sure that no mater what the users graphics limitations are, he will always get the full potential of the physics engine as long as his CPU is capable of producing it.

    The stuttering in AC on this conditions is far less visible then in LFS but I can see it so it's there.

    In conclusion and paradoxically - 50Hz when running Vsync provides a smoother animation then any other non dividable by 50 refresh rate.

    This is what you do to make a 60Hz display run at 50Hz - this is for NV, not sure how to do it with CCC.

    RMB on your desktop and open NV Control Panel

    Click "Change resolution" in the Display section

    Click "Customize..."

    Click "Create Custom Resolution..."

    Change "Horizontal lines:" to 960 and "Refresh rate (Hz):" to 50

    Click "Test"

    If you will see a box saying "Test successful. Custom resolution 1920 x 960 at 50hz (32-bit) has been applied." then click on Yes

    You can use any resolution just make sure it will be different then your native res or the system wont accept it because it's already there.

    Click "Adjust desktop size and position" in the Display section

    In the "Scaling" tab, select "No scaling:" click the roll out and change to "GPU"

    Check "Override the scaling mode..." and click Apply

    And cap your in game FPS to 50.
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  5. Marian Zelenka

    Marian Zelenka
    The downforce is strong with this one. Premium

    I have everything on minimum and get like 75/85+ fps all the time, but still it's not that smooth.
  6. Try capping it at 61...I am getting around 80ish but have microstutters but when I cap to 61-63 everything runs butter smooth.

    And don't use V-sync..never ever use V-sync
  7. I play with 120 FPS. That is with one to 5 cars on the grid, more and I get down to 50. But I guess more optimization is on its way. At least I hope so... 60 should be enough anyway, I don't really believe Input Lag is caused by framerate, as they have many times stated that ffb and video are running on separate threads

  8. I would say - never ever turn off Vsync because you will get frame tearing and the animation will never ever be smooth no matter how much FPS will be getting.
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  9. I believe 30fps is too less consider its only one car at the moment, big chance will drop to 20fps or less when you play with AI or MP later.
  10. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Premium

    60 FPS is the minimum you would want to race with online, regardless of how many cars are on the grid or when running at night say with headlights..
    Well that's the figure we work on when running events at RD.
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  11. Try to reduce the value in the files responsible for the graphics(folders cfg).
  12. With Vsync ON u get input lag. try to cap the fps at 1.4x your monitor refresh rate. 60hz = 85 fps
    with this u get no tearing and no lag.
  13. Marco Bijl

    Marco Bijl
    adMAXIhater (O.O.O.)

    10 posts, and 1 minor remark about the 2 different threads.

    In short, there are 2 things you need to consider.
    Frame rate on display
    This is basically what you see. Everything far over 30 FPS is not visible by our eye sight. We capture around 30 FPS with our sight.

    Second, and this one is more important in relation to all different kinds of lag. there is the FPS for the physics. Indeed, as said above, this is a separate thread.

    In short, you can have 100+ FPS on screen (kickass video card), but a to low physics calculation rate (normally around 400 - 500 FPS), which causes stutters and lag. It's a combination of the both that gets you smooth gameplay.

    Theoretically, with 30FPS on screen (in lowest moments, so during start for instance), you should have no problems driving, IF the physics FPS is high enough.
  14. You will always get frame tearing when not running Vsync, that's just the way it works.

    2 + 2 = 4 and no Vsync = frame tearing

    You can reduce the lag by setting "Maximum pre-rendered frames" to 1 in your NV / ATI control panel, this will reduce the lag to 1 / 50 of a second when running 50Hz and getting 50 FPS.

    This was said so many times that it makes me wonder why people still get it wrong.

    You can "see" way above 100 FPS it's just that your brain won't notice a non significant change about 1 frame if the number of the frames is higher then 25 PS but that doesn't mean that 100 FPS isn't more fluid then 60 because it is, up to about 150.

    Some say that it's even more but I can't say if they are right since the most I've seen was 150 synced FPS on an old CRT supporting up to 150Hz and I could easily see a difference even between 120 and 150 FPS.
  15. 1 remark. NEVER play with vsync on, if car control is more important than some (minor) tearing.

    Input lag is a car control killer.
  16. I would kill the guy who started the whole input lag thing.
    When you turn the wheel with Vsync On it seams that there is a lag between you turning and whats showing up on the screen but that's only a visual lag since the physics have already been calculated you just don't see it until your display is finished displaying the current frame.

    At least that how AC works with it's unsynced physics and graphics engines.
  17. Agreed, it's visual lag. Perhaps 'output' lag should be a better wording.

    But think about it: if what you see on screen is delayed bt what actually happens, would that be good for car control? Basically, 'output lag', or visual lag, ensuree that what you see on screen is delayed, so are your responses. You will react (slightly) slower to any oversteer, understeer or any other unbalance.

    All the fast times you'll see on the leaderbords are done by guys who eliminated any form of lag. As car control on the utter limit is essential. V-sync might give you a better graphical experience, but it will not aid your car control.
  18. So basically higher fps help better lap time no matter what racing game is that ?? Is that right ?? May be thats explain why all the players who top this or that racing game usually are those with high or mid-high pc spec.
  19. No, higher fps is not important. 60 fps capped is fine.
  20. @LazyBug It seems that you are always looking for what makes the fast guys fast...It is not the power of their computer, it is not the kind of wheel they use, it is not the size of the screen they have or how many of them; The fastest guys in the sim have natural talent. They are fast in everything they play and it doesn't matter if they are using a $100 wheel or a $1000 one.

    The rest of us have varying levels of natural talent and we improve through practice. A better wheel or three screens will improve your level of immersion into the sim but they are not going to make you any faster. Since upgrading my stock DFGT pedals to really nice Fanatec's I haven't found any more speed. I have more precision and can run multiple laps that are much closer to each other time wise than I could with the stock pedals but the laps were not any faster. Speed comes from practice and more times than not just somehow throwing down a miracle lap that you never seem to come close to running again.
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