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Mods Mini WRC 2011 (Dani Sordo) 2.5

The Official Mini WRC Team 2011 Livery.

  1. Underkex submitted a new resource:

    Mini WRC 2011 (Dani Sordo) - The Official WRC Mini 2011 Livery.

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  2. I know, sorry. It's my first livery and I am fixing errors all day. I hope this will be the last one. I wanted the more used version of the Official Mini WRC Team. The germany 2011 and Monte Carlo 2012 are also good.
    Last edited: Nov 1, 2016
  3. So... this is final one, right ? :geek::rolleyes:
  4. Maybe :p I think so, I am doing other car's livery.
  5. How about for this one ?
    It's a mod but amazing one, just... it lacks some great liveries.
  6. For the Mini WRC? There are some great Mini's liveries. Only, in my opinion, there was a lack of a top quality livery from this official and most used version. I would like to do some Waldergaard's and Vatanen's Escorts.
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2016
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  7. No for that Peugeout I mean.
    It's amazing mod, you get whole new car but there's only one famous livery.
    But I guess switching on another car and making skins for it isn't that easy for you.