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Mini S2000 Sound = Very bad work!

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by astro83, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. Hey!

    I Love Mini WRC and S2000. But I'm very disappointed on one thing, the sound on the S2000 model!!

    The WRC sounds very good, like the real thing but the S2000 sounds like crap, it sound like a BMW or something, especially now with RSRBR update 03...

    What's happening? In real life the WRC and the S2000 sounds almost the same...

    Please fix the sound on the S2000 very soon! It can't be to hard especially when the WRC sounds great!

    And I can't be alone to think like this.... ;)

    Fix, fix, fix!! :)

    Mini S2000 in RBR should sound like this!!!!

    // Mini fan
  2. I agree.
    I have had a quick look at the files and it looks like they have put the BMW engine sound in for the MINI S2000.
    It should be able to be changed by ourselves, I'll have a go later and see if it works.
    Will report back later. ;)
  3. Well IMO, it IS a BMW.

    It's nowhere near the old Minis from Austin, just think of the size alone. My family also owns a Mini Automatic, thus I am not that much of a "new Mini" fan.

    /Sorry offtopic.
  4. Ok, I just tested and swapping engine sounds in RSRBR is straight forward.
    If you want the S2000 MINI to have the WRC MINI sound, here is how:

    1. Go into your main Richard Burns Rally folder, and find RSRBR/Sounds/Engines/ and locate the N4_S2000_2.ini file. This is the one you need to edit. Make a backup first in case you want it back.
    2. Open the file with Notepad.
    3. Change the line (colored in blue) as follows

    ;0 == Citroen Xsara 00
    ;1 == Hyundai Accent 00
    ;2 == MG ZR Super 1600
    ;3 == Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VII
    ;4 == Peugeot 206 99
    ;5 == Subaru Impreza 2001 A8
    ;6 == Toyota Corolla 98
    ;7 == Toyota Corolla 98
    ; you don't need to enter the path . all engines in audio\cars directory (current dir)
    ; no space between the = sign and carsound name
    InsideCutFrequency = 750.0
    Car0_LowShelfAmp = 2.0
    Car0_LowShelfFrequency = 200.0
    Car1_LowShelfAmp = 1.0
    Car1_LowShelfFrequency = 200.0
    Car2_LowShelfAmp = 2.0
    Car2_LowShelfFrequency = 200.0
    Car3_LowShelfAmp = 2.0
    Car3_LowShelfFrequency = 200.0
    Car4_LowShelfAmp = 2.0
    Car4_LowShelfFrequency = 200.0
    Car5_LowShelfAmp = 2.0
    Car5_LowShelfFrequency = 200.0
    Car6_LowShelfAmp = 2.0
    Car6_LowShelfFrequency = 200.0
    Car7_LowShelfAmp = 2.0
    Car7_LowShelfFrequency = 200.0

    Save the file and you now have the WRC MINI sound.
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  5. Thank you warren D! :D

    Now the Mini has a good sound! Love it!
  6. Thanks for the info Warren.
    but shouldn't it be RSRBR/Sounds.sv/Engines/?

    i looked for ages in my RSRBR/Sounds/Engines/ ;)
  7. Nigel:

    I look for the file in RSRBR / Audio / Cars and didn't find it.. But I did a search in win for the file N4_S2000_2.ini and Windows found the file for me. Simple when I started to think! :)

    // Sweden
  8. No Nigel, the path I gave is correct, at least it was for both my Win 7 and Win XP PC's.
  9. It seems like i'm having one of thouse days Warren :confused:

    I had your post open right next to my RBR folder, but still managed to go to RSRBR/Sounds/Audio lol

    Plus i managed to screw up my aspect ration in game :rolleyes:
  10. Thanks Nigel, I was starting to wonder if you may have installed a modded sound patch for RBR or something. :confused:
    I often swap engine sounds between cars in RSRBR, I find some of the cars have aweful sounds (or very distorted).

    @astro83, you were also not reading my instruction correctly, the path is RSRBR/Sounds/Engines/ and not RSRBR / Audio / Cars which you were looking in. :confused:
  11. Warren: I didnt find it, but when I did a search for the file it popt up..... So I thank you, now the Mini S2000 has a great sound!