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Mini rules?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by zim2323, Sep 4, 2012.

  1. I tried to run a mini season and in a 40 lap race, the AI pitted at about 30 minutes. After the race I was docked positions because I had not pitted.

    Is there documentation somewhere that tells the defaults of each series and their basic ruleset? I have everything defaulted to 50 minutes but after reading through here for the V8's that they changed to 40 minute races.

    I'm confused.

  2. From Reiza:

    The cars have enough autonomy to run through their respective race distance, namely:

    StockV8: 40 minutes +1 lap
    Mini: 25 minutes + 1lap
    Formula 3: 35 minutes
  3. From Handro:

    Yes, the 2012 rules changed so that the 40 min races no longer have pit stops, however it seems the AI was not changed to cope with the new rules. I am trying to run a championship based on them but at the middle of the race, approximatelly 20 min, all AI cars start to stop on the pits. So, even starting at the back of the field I will probably and easily win the race as a result of these stops. Reiza, are you aware of this issue ? Is there a way to avoid that or a patch is needed ? If a patch is required, is there some on the way to fix this ?

    EDIT: Reiza is looking into it.
  4. All cars pit around 20-35 min.(bug) I enjoy pitting and so do many others for many reasons. Please Reiza give us the option to pit. Simbin gave us this option in Race07 series by introducing forced pit stop option. Where if you clicked yes, you would need to pit and change at least two tires at a certain point in the race.
  5. FYI...one of my main points wasn't just the unecessary pitting by AI, it's the fact that if I choose NOT to pit, I get DOCKED POINTS/POSITIONS. Run a championship race and then look at your finishing position in points based on where you finished on the track.

    In my 40minute race, I won by nearyl 1:30 seconds in the first race and Interlagos, which effectively would have put me in the lead in points, as it's the first race. I ended up with 5th place points. It was docking me for not pitting I presume.

    Can anyone else confirm this?

  6. FYI...this was a 95% AI. Don't know if that matters.
  7. I may be wrong but I do not believe it is programmed to penalize you for not pitting. It sounds more like a bug, that kicked in because you were so far ahead (maybe you were a lap ahead of the next 4 cars so somehow you were classifed 5th).

    Paul, I agree, Race 07 has the compulsory pit option, and GSC would be my perfect sim if it had this option also, along with refuelling and weight penalty options :)
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  8. Until Reiza comes out with a fix just pit in around 20 min mark. Or run the Minis according to real life sprint races(25 min)
  9. Renato Simioni

    Renato Simioni
    Reiza Studios

    Hmm that´s peculiar. Can you reproduce this?

    The rules are for the most part as set in the game, you shouldnt pit on any of them except for the F1-based cars. Problem is, the AI will stop for tires once the wear is at a certain point, regardless of how poor a strategy it might be (even stopping in the final lap on occasion). This is a bug that means offline races longer than 25 minutes will often not work out properly unless the player makes the point of stopping himself too.

    Real race distances are as referred above:

    StockV8: 40 minutes +1 lap (single heat)
    Mini: 25 minutes + 1lap (triple heats)
    Formula 3: 35 minutes (double heats)

    F-Reiza / F-Classic doesnt have a real counterpart except for Interlagos, which runs for 71 laps. The Camaros are completely fictional so you may run it as you see fit.
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  10. Will the player 'need' to pit? For example, a player has run a 40 min race and the AI pit around 20 mins, will the player require a pit stop because of tyre wear also? Or will the players tyres be still ok?
  11. Setting to 25 minutes, no AI pitted and I was not docked points.