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Mini Racing Online (F1 Game)

Discussion in 'Other Racing Games' started by Mytrix, Mar 9, 2015.

  1. Hi!

    I'm new on this forum... I watch a lot F1 since I'm young, and I'm playing a lot of racing game too.

    I'm here to speak about an awesome game I discover last week... And when I discovered it... I was like : It would be really awesome to create a championship for english people... Because this game is really popular in Brazil, Spain, but it's not really know in North America or in Europe in general... So I said to myself... Well... Let's make some mouth and ears and do some publicity for this game!

    So here I am!

    Mini Racing Online is the game... The game is complete but they still update it frequently... The game is suppose to release on Steam this year too, it's already greenlighted.

    But here is the website to download it :


    Up left, you can change the language to english, the website is in spanish by default.

    First you gonna say... Hey... it's New Star GP ? Yeah, it's a lot like it... But the second thing you need to know... It's really realistic... It's a simulation, not a arcade game... You need to brake in the corner, you need to watch for your tire, not to slide to much... Yes, you can go fast, but you will destroy your tire in no time, like in the real life... The fuel consumption is really nice too. It's really simple to set up your car, but you can do a lot of thing too, everything depend on your driving style, the tyre your choose, the downforce you decide to put, the gear ratio...

    It's a simple game, but it's complex too...

    So hey... Try it... You can play single player with bots to make yourself a idea... You can play online too, but there is not a lot of player playing it right now because the marketing about this game isn't really good, but there is still people playing it in the afternoon, evening.

    And if you like it and you want to be part of a championship... Well, if we have 8-10 people, we can make a really nice championship and have a lot of fun!
  2. I'm playing right now in the Brazilian Championship, MRO Legends.

    I'm looking for a teammate right now, there is one spot open in my team.

    So if someone is interest, just send me a message here so we can get in touch! :)