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MINI Friday @ Valencia Long - Friday June 17, 2011

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Racing Club & Leagues' started by RaceDepartment, Jun 14, 2011.

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  1. RaceDepartment

    Administrator Staff Member

    Required RACE 07 expansions: RACE 07 only
    Class: Mini Cooper Challenge
    Track: Valencia Long
    Practice: 18:00 GMT
    Qualification: 18:30 GMT
    Warm-up: 18:55 GMT
    Race: 19:00 GMT (60 minutes with a forced pitstop)
    Password: click here

    Signup List
    To signup simply press the button below and leave your event related comments in the thread.

  2. Liking this new set-up already, much less hassle free. Thanks RD!
  3. Yup, and it looks nicer when there aren't 15 sessions all bunched up together :good:

    Ooh, brilliant, an hour long and a pitstop, should be a fun one.
  4. Jempy

    Premium Member

    Much better sign-in system ! Easy and clean. :)

    Thanks for this improvement and the change in the race format.
    I hope and am nearly sure the grids will be fuller again !:pray:
  5. Also my sincere thanks to all those people at RD who instigated this wonderful new format. It's great!
  6. Pieter Theron

    Pieter Theron
    Premium Member

    Come on everyone... Great track, great car, great company and great racing....We can fill this event up :)
  7. alright, let's give it a try :) not sure if i can make it, but will sign out as soon as i know i can't make it
  8. RaceDepartment

    Administrator Staff Member

    One hour until practice and a few spots left. Can still take them.

    Happy racing fella's :)
  9. ilost connection
    sry i hope nobody crashed into me
    enjoy life race fast
  10. Got shunted in the start, nothing new there. dropped from 7th to the back. Managed to pass some (thanks guys, that was the best part of the race) and with the usual spins gain some places.. Was running eight when i remembered why i hate this track, specially with FWD cars: soon as the tires lose their best grip it's just very very boring, 180 turns with 1st or 2nd gear, wheel lock and tiresqueal all the time. imes were dragging and lost all confidence with the car. Then a double fumble in the pits, accidentally pressed pit request instead of pit limiter.. Crew ran in and out of garage, lost 7-8 second and got a stop&go for speeding in the pitlane... Really didn't feel like finishing after that.. That s&g was just too much and when driving with fresh tires it reminded me what's gonna happen in few laps time: no grip and with lots of low speed turns that is no fun..
  11. My first DNF due to hardware issues :(

    i had some free time, so i just jumped in this race

    In qualy i just did 1 lap, that was also my shakedown, practice en set-up lap.
    I haven't driven this version of valancia , so i did not know the bendy-part at 3/4 of the track.

    Qualy was a p11

    At the start, i could get one place through corner 1.
    By corner 2 there was some pulling and fighting going on. I got sandwiched :) and onfortuinly i knock Kennett off track, sorry for that!

    Michael Braeutigam was superfast and he passed me without any sweat. But he came in fight with Martin Walker.
    In the last turn, i could out break them both and took P4 :)

    After 1or 2 laps Michael Braeutigam was behind my on the straight, and took my place easy on T1. I thought he was ahead of me, but seeing the replay i could have more defending there

    Then there was Martin Walker. We had a very great Battle! He was somewhat faster, especially in the bendy part of the track.
    We had a great fight with taking each other position for a couple of times.

    In the end, i got my hardware problems. The froze a few times and i think my car was warping al over the place.
    On the straigh i had to stop, so i would cause any (more) problems for fellow drivers.

    Had a great race so far, especially with M.Walker :) hope he liked it too :cool:
  12. Ok, that was some good fun. But I have to practise pitstops.....
    First my button's were not set up correct, so I could not add fuel. Feeling i've wasted time I rushed out of the pitlane. Resulting in a stop and go penalty.......

    Realizing I would not make it on my fuel decided to watch the last 10 minutes of racing. Some nice battles going on for pos 8/9 :)

    See you next time.
  13. Similar to Kennett: had a blast at the start, very close racing, not that much contacts. 4 of us going into T1 one after the other, scary :eek:
    Didn't really notice the tire degradation before the pit, would've continued on if I could. Changed only front tires, and that killed me. I was sliding all over the place. No idea why, should I have changed all 4 tires?

    One incident for me, went too deep under brakes, and hit someone on the side. Luckily, he managed to hold it, so no harm done. Sorry about that :sorry:

    Overall, had fun, see you next week for sure :)
  14. hmmm i thought that it wasn't particularly clever to click the "leave"-button and leave the game by mistake 3 min before the end of Qualifying and being on provisional Pole... but in fact, it was the best that could happen - great racing coming from 15th to the front and fighting fair with all you guys! had a nice race with Martin, who fought for his position and counterattacked whenever i got past him. finally i had him and got further up to 2nd. Jari was already quiet far ahead (some 10 seconds) so i had some work to do. luckily he seemed to make some mistakes and I almost had him halfway through the race. the 3rd quarter of the race was a great fight for the lead with Jari - very good, thanks!! i think he totally f*cked his tyres and fell back quickly after i got past him.

    thx for a nice race and see you next time!
  15. Very entertaining race, even if there wasn't that much action for me!

    Qualified 5th, pretty happy as all the guys ahead of me were in another league (plus Michael starting at the back), and I knew the guys I qualified just ahead of were the same sort of pace as me so was expecting a big battle to hold position in the race.

    Got a decent start and pipped Martin into T1 to get 4th, then benefitted from the retirements of Andi and somebody else (missed who it was), and by the time Michael had whizzed past (I put up a very brief fight!) I found myself third, with some fast guys behind me squabbling. Used that to keep up a 3 second barrier, until about lap 11 when Martin and Mark caught me, fought briefly with Martin and then pitted, hoping the lap on fresh tyres would keep me ahead...

    It certainly did, don't know what happened but after the stops at the half way point I was 15 seconds ahead of Martin. Fully expected him to close the gap as he was much faster, but I managed to hold my own until the final 10 mins, my tyres were completely screwed allowing Martin to catch me at an even higher rate, passing me on the penultimate lap. SO close to my first RD podium! Thanks for the racing guys!




    Sorry for the bad photo quality, that's my laptop for you! Not sure what's going on with the windows/wheel hubs in the first picture...
  16. Jempy

    Premium Member

    At first, sorry Michael if I didn't let you pass easily when you lapped me but .... difficult to know where you were ( hearing 'Second Warning ' ) and not seeing you car !! :sorry:

    Really a crazy problem regularly to have invisible cars on the track. Happening at the beginning isn't a big problem but suddenly in the middle of a race, not easy to settle it with +- or -+ ( I don't remember in which order ! ) without problems on the screen ! :frown:
    No way to settle that ? :confused:

    The whole race at the back was nearly always battling with Keiron Swart.
    I had a normal start trying to avoid contacts in the 1st curves not to ruin the race at the start, had some fights in group with a few drivers when I did a little mistake in Curve 1 and oversteered. I could have saved it but there was another driver just behind who could not avoid the back of my car and got out.
    The second part of the race after pitstop was a regular exchange of position with Keiron at the back, until I did a little last mistake.
    So, as backmarker, I had a very pleasant race due to this clean battle with Keiron. Thanks dude ! :)

    Congrats to all racers.

    PS: For those who have special skins, could it be possible to communicate it sooner on the thread. Sometimes, not much time before race and saw it too late to download and install.
  17. np Jean-Pierre, it just looked a bit unlucky, because you were in the middle of the road, slowing, at the corner entry, in the middle of it and at the exit and I was going almost on "normal" speed... though you would drive to the outside and so I hit you... sorry for that, normally the driver who laps the other driver has to make sure everything is clean!
  18. Jempy

    Premium Member

    Ok Michael, I was slowing to let pass an invisible Ghost, but not in a scottish castle ! :ghost:
    Really a Stephen King's story !

  19. Got DQ'd for not pitting :-(.
    Learnt a lot tonight... e.g If you stop for tyres and other repairs then that does not constitute a pit stop. Will know next time :).
    Enjoyed the scrap for about 45mins towards the rear. Got from near the back to 11th, then it was downhill all the way. Thought I would load 30 laps of fuel before the start, not a good move as my tyres were shot after about 10 laps.
    Thank you all hope I did,t hold up any of you fast guys for too long! Looking forward to the next race.
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