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Mini Friday @ Singapore 2008 - 19th Friday th April 2013

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Racing Club & Leagues' started by David Buxton, Apr 12, 2013.

  1. David Buxton

    David Buxton

    Car: Mini
    Track: Singapore 2008
    Weather: Changeable
    Games: Race 07

    19:00 GMT: Practice
    19:30 GMT: Qualification
    19:50 GMT: Warmup
    20:00 GMT: Race (80 Minutes)

    RD Club Rules: Click Here
    Server and TeamSpeak Passwords: Click Here

    To test the weather file download and put the weather file in C:\Users\yourpcname\Documents\SimBin\RACE 07 Install 2\UserData\Log_Dedicated\weather.txt
    To create a dedi download and put the track in here C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\yoursteamid\race07ds\Gamedata\Locations if the folders do not exist then create them.
    Fire up a dedi, change weather to changeable and away you go

    Attached Files:

  2. David Buxton

    David Buxton

    Entry List:
    1. Mike Bishop
    2. Dennis Phelan
    3. Leon Charmant
    4. Jari Aikio
    5. Vaughn Stegeman
    6. Bart Snijders
    7. James Fellows
    8. Fernando Silva
    9. Hamed Hajmolaali
    10. Pete Bone
    11. Arnaud Benjamin
    12. Liam Jenkins
    13. David Buxton
    14. Justin Swan
    15. -
    16. -
    17. -
    18. -
    19. -
    20. -
    21. -
    22. -
    23. -
    24. -
    25. -10
    Mini Friday Skinpack V1.6
    Submit Skins Here
  3. Mike Bishop

    Mike Bishop

    David sign me up please:D
  4. Sign me up please.
  5. [​IMG]
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  6. ill be there too:)
  7. the title says, and had a link to, Singapore 2008 but the server has Singapore 06 running... which of thwe 2 are you (we) going to use?

    Duhhh nevermind server is still on istanbul 06...
  8. Get me on the grid please! Never driven Singapore.
    gonna try makin' a skin for myself as well. been doin' the Mini races enuf i figger :geek:
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  9. David Buxton

    David Buxton

    Haha I haven't been at home to shut the server down or put this one up yet. :)

    Is this a sign up? ;)
  10. Well I do love a good streetrace so yeah sign me up please!
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  11. David Buxton

    David Buxton

    Server is up :thumbsup:

    Top post has been updated with on how you can run your own dedi to test out the weather file.

    You may need wets at some point on this one
  12. Sorry, gotta sign out, I won't be home this Friday.
  13. David Buxton

    David Buxton

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  14. Is the server currently running the weather for the race?
  15. David Buxton

    David Buxton

    It is indeed

    The beginning of practice 2 is close to the end of the race.

    Hope that helps
  16. Haven't been on for a year and half and I come back to where I started: David Buxton and his evil weather machine. Sign me up please :sneaky:
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  17. Sign me up please.
  18. Errybody SIGN UP! We need a full grid on this :)
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  19. Dennis Phelan

    Dennis Phelan
    more about staying on track. Premium

    Someone wants to see intersections full of spinning Mini's!
  20. Pete Bone

    Pete Bone

    I'll be in if i can get my 3rd screen running, turned the PC on yesterday and a DVI port on my card has died. Tried the GT Sports last night but it was like driving with one eye closed!