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Mini Friday - Ondrej Kapal challenge @ Macau 07 - Fri 1st of Oktober

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Racing Club & Leagues' started by Hugo Hekkenberg, Sep 30, 2010.

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  1. MiniFriday1.png

    Server Name:
    Class: Mini Cooper
    Macau 07 (Default)
    Official Practice: 19:00GMT, 30 minutes
    Qualification: 10 minutes (superpole)
    Warm-up: 5 minutes
    Race: 19:45 GMT, 60 minutes
    Most important RD golden rules:

    • Only sign up if you are sure you can participate.
    • Sign-ups can be refused by the race director.
    • No cutting in any sessions.
    • If you hit another driver, wait and give back his position
    • No chatting during Qualify or Race. Even sorry isn't needed. Do it after the qualify or race session.
    • No abusive language during any sessions.
    • Listen to the race director at all times.
    • If you feel harmed by an accident caused by a other driver you can use the incident report option. Send the Incident report to the race director through PM.
    • If you sign up for this race we expect you to be there before the qualify starts. If you are not present on the server, the racing staff will confirm the reserves.
    • 5 minutes before the qualify strats the grid is closed!
    • Sign-ups can be refused by the race director
    • Read and understand the RD rules! Click here

    You have to confirm the golden rules if you sign up for this event. The sign up format is:

    • Drivername: your name
    • I understand the Golden rules: YES
    If the racing staff don't see this in your sign up request, you won't see your name in the sign up list!
    We have a fresh, new way of reporting and punishing incidents in the Racing Club, using an infractions system - read more here

    You are actively encouraged to use this system - we like to keep driving standards high - so if you feel you were wronged in any way during an event simply send the event organizer a private message detailing the incident including a youtube video. Do not post reports/accusations in the thread itself - negativity and anger gets us nowhere.

    The Mini Friday skin pack


    Is your name not yet on the list? click here to upload the skin​
  2. Entry List

    1. Ondrej Kapal
    2. Jesper Taulborg
    3. Piotrek Blaszczak
    4. Philip Antonia
    5. Peter Nielsen
    6. Dave Gardner
    7. Joseph Edgar
    8. nisse andersson
    9. Péter Bártfai
    10. -
    11. -
    12. -
    13. -
    14. -
    15. -
    16. -
    17. -
    18. -
    19. -
    20. -
    21. -
    22. -
    23. -
    24. -
    25. -
  3. is it forced cockpit?
  4. Drivername: Jesper Taulborg
    I understand the Golden rules: YES
  5. Piotrek Blaszczak

    Piotrek Blaszczak
    Premium Member

    Driver name:piotrek Blaszczak
    I understand the Golden rules: YES

    Please sing me up as maybe Hugo because i don't know if i come back from work on time.
  6. o Drivername: Philip Antonia
    o I understand the Golden rules: YES

  7. Drivername: Peter Nielsen
    I understand the Golden rules: YES
  8. •Drivername: Dave Gardner
    •I understand the Golden rules: YES
  9. •Drivername: Joseph Edgar
    •I understand the Golden rules: YES

    Is there a couple of corners here where you're not allowed to overtake??
  10. Drivername:nisse andersson
    I understand the golden rules;yes
    • Drivername: Péter Bártfai
    • I understand the Golden rules: YES
  11. Nope :)
  12. Good question. Normally we can't pass at T2(the fast right after the pits) and the Hairpin. Will this be the same Hugo?
  13. It will be the same :)
  14. As Ondrej says, it will be the same :)
  15. The skinpack is updated and the server is running...

    Have fun guys :D
  16. sorry Hugo, family problem cropped up, can't make tonight, bugger, my favourite combi too, mini and macau.
  17. Guys... I will try to talk as sweet as I can - I had a delicious dinner... but not right for the living, and it is not vomiting, it is worst... And it is coming unexpectedly... I will try to recover as fast as I can, but I cant promise I will try to make this long distance (uch I really dont imagine what would happen after half of a race...) - I will join at least for practice and I will see... just dont suggest me if I wont jump into race

    thanks for understanding!
  18. I really needed some racing but I was obviously too tired for this. After 2-3 laps I kept falling asleep at straights, then hitting walls in almost every corner until the point I destroyed the front end of my car and retired. Thanks for the race anyways, a great combo imo, just needs a more "fresh" day.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.