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Mini Friday @ Monza 07 - Friday February 24th 2012

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Racing Club & Leagues' started by Remco de Wildt, Feb 20, 2012.

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  1. Well guys, that was my first race here at racedepartment. I've to say that i'm satisfied about my race, finished 5th, with no stop&go, just two warnings. I'm also satisfied about fairness of other drivers, and about level of professionalism here. So i think i will continue to race also with you. See you on the track.

    PS: sorry if i made some language mistakes, but i don't open a book of english grammar since almost two years...
  2. i was f-ing and blinding on teamspeak if im honest, it really got to me and nothing ever does, the crazy a*s crowd who i hang around with never get to me, but that breathing topped it off, lol.

    year push to talk helps, we we're telling you to keep quiet over it, but you never heard us?
  3. Ive never gotten a Stop and Go penalty in an RD event before but today was that day :) so I was leading the race till lap 10 or so before I had to do the S&G
    Left the pits in P7 so I only lost 6 positions. I was still motivated and it became a good race. I was able to get up to P3 and was catching up to Nik before my connection crashed 10 min before the end, however still had a lot of fun, grats to Pau, Nik for his best result ever :) and all who finished :)
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  4. Hi Liam, Yes my mike will move out of the way but I do have it right up against my mouth because I'm 5 feet from my loud furnace but when i was online yesterday and was talking with somebody they said they could not hear my furnace when it started up and they did'nt hear my breathing.So I was happy.I don't get on TS much.I'm guessing I'll just do the "push to talk" way.The other issue I had was since I had to make a new profile which I haven't done in 2 years in just a few minutes and the sim sound was way to loud for me to hear TS. I thought I heard the name Jim once in a while but since there was nobody around me I thought they were talking about another "Jim".
    But anyway I had fun. I hope to get the bugs out of TS setup and adjust my sound so I can hear you guys.
  5. Chris Gallop

    Chris Gallop
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    Not far enough, we could still hear you talking and shouting ;)
  6. Chris Gallop

    Chris Gallop
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    You don't have to create a whole new profile, you can just rename the profile you were using (folder and two files, I'm sure there's something on the forum for which and where).

    Next race, ask the guys in the paddock if they'd mind helping you set your volumes, it's usually a friendly enough crowd, especially if helping you will help them!

    I honestly thought you were doing it intentionally, it sounded like you were 'blowing' into the mic rather than breathing on it, especially as it got worse the more Scott ranted and raved @ you (much to the amusement of the rest of us).
    Good luck with it and as a little tip, if you're racing Scott in close formation on track and on TS, get with the breathing, you'll gain a good 5 seconds a lap on him and have the amusement of 'hearing' him turning red. Well worth getting shouted @ ;)
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  7. Everyone should have push to talk Jim. I think there is a racedepartment rule about it somewhere. If you can't have your keyboard in reach whilst driving then you can assing your right hand mouse button to push to talk. I was anoyed by your breathing but also got a bit anoyed with the complaints about it and on top of my driving with button for gas due to broke pedal and general slowness I quit the race, went to team speak, right clicked you, and chose kick. Problems soleved. I was then able to sit back and relax and watch the race live and do some live recording which is currently redering.
  8. I had a problem with your lag. It did not hit me but came close a few times and casued me distraction on chicanes and also I lost some time when I complained about it in chat. I know chat is forbidden in race but I wanted you to quit or get booted because of your lag. No offence.

    I recommend changing your wifi id. Go into your router by using a web browser to go to
    User id will be admin. Password will be admin or password or just leave it blank. Find the section on changing your wifi details. A neighbour is probably freeloading your bandwidth. Either that or it could be spyware.

    PS If the problem is wife and kids using the internet I recommend leaving home and just seeing the kids every couple of weeks or so :)>)
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  9. Marian Zelenka

    Marian Zelenka
    The downforce is strong with this one. Premium Member

    I recommend using cable connection, not wifi. And I hope he changed his router name and password and uses encryption. Because anyone can abuse his connection and cause lag.
  10. Had a good qualy p1.
    In lap 5 or so i made contact with Gar totally my faulth.
    So wan't to apologize to him. really sorry mate.
    Drive further on with suspension problem. Got 2 S&G's.
    So the race was dramatic. Qualy was perfect.
    After all had good fun. Thank you all for the race.

    Till next time dude's
  11. It's just strange that it happened that evening.
    Been online gaming all week, without any hiccups.
    After I saw it happen the 2nd time with the guy behind me dropping further back (sorry to whoever that was) I thought it was time to call it quits; pull over and exit the server.

    Anyways, advice taken and will leave first time I think its occuring again in future.
    Please don't ban me :)
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  12. modedit: send incident reports via pm to the race director please
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  13. Original post deleted by moderator (I have no problem with that).

    I was making a race video and noticed 'learnings' for drivers. I should have used PM to depart these learnings if I did not wish to do an incident report (which I didn't). Sorry moderator and sorry affected drivers. This will not happen again.
  14. Mark Gormley did nothing wrong and if I was him and those 2 cars were weaving in front of me I would just keep my line and if that driver decides to weave into me but sorry I'm not going to back off. :) I think we should all refrain from jumping to conclusions while racing. first finish your race and check the replay then only you can say wether a driver is driving bad or not. Surely the video's posted above shows that Mark Gormley did nothing wrong. Thanks Martin great video's. Lets remember to all have fun when entering these events :) As for my race I think I started in 20th and finished in 3rd just for being consistantly slow :D
  15. Chris Gallop

    Chris Gallop
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    The move into turn 1 where they came together in the braking zone was never gonna end well for the guy on the outside, he was trying to gain 2-3 car lengths.
    I can understand why the guy then moved across to block.
    The slip stream behind the white car was always going to end up with white being pushed off the track.
    An apology was made I believe by the guy that caught Mark into a chicane, but i dont remember seeing any apologies from Mark, or him pulling over to let his victims go past.
  16. Mark Gormley

    Mark Gormley
    #14 | The Silent Killer

    EDIT: Comment withdrawn.
  17. I was making a race video and noticed 'learnings' for drivers. I posted two video's and gave some advice.

    I should have used PM to depart these learnings if I did not wish to do an incident report (which I didn't). Sorry moderator and sorry affected drivers. This will not happen again.

    I am a moderator and steward at C-ONline and got a bit above myself here. :oops:
  18. Please withdraw this post because my video has been pulled. Sorry about this. My fault.

    Neither of the 'learning' videos the moderator pulled could be described as having any victims in them.
  19. Mark Gormley

    Mark Gormley
    #14 | The Silent Killer

    No offense taken on my part Martin. Thanks for your video as, based on what happened afterwards, I had completely forgotten about my contact with Liam, all aspects of which I have apologised for, hopefully to his satisfaction.

    Moving in the braking zone is something very much frowned upon (re: Hamilton & Schumacher at Monza, coincidentally, last year) and the FIA have tightened the rules on it for this year. It also happens to be a pet peeve of mine. I hope any of the many drivers who have overtaken me would attest that I have held my line, braked straight and tried to cut back on exit.

    Agreed, as noted above I have offered an apology to Liam, especially for not waiting for him which I offer no excuse for, and feebly put down to a lack of decorum after the first lap scuffle.

    It was not, but I do not expect one, as one would expect a smattering of first lap contact, especially in Minis, and especially again at Monza.
  20. Chris Gallop

    Chris Gallop
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    Fair enough then that an apology was made to Liam, that changes things significantly (not being sarcastic here!).

    The apology I believe you had / should of had was not lap 1 but lap 2 I think. He'd just miss judged the braking point by a long way, which I had been doing until about lap 35 when I finally had it nailed.
    I retract my statements regarding the braking zone and swerving across the track and offer apologies to both drivers. I don't really know what happened or the reasons for the actions of either party.
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