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Mini Friday @ Istanbul, Friday, 11 July 2014

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Racing Club & Leagues' started by Dennis Phelan, Jul 5, 2014.

  1. Dennis Phelan

    Dennis Phelan
    more about staying on track. Premium

    Car: Mini
    Track: Istanbul
    Weather: Dry
    Games: Race 07

    19:00 GMT: Practice
    19:30 GMT: Qualification
    19:40 GMT: Warmup
    19:50 GMT: Race (40 Minutes, mandatory pit for 2 tires minimum)
    Please note the change in times

    RD Club Rules: Click Here
    Server and TeamSpeak Passwords: Click Here

    Entry List:
    1. Dennis Phelan
    2. Nelson Ullinskey
    3. Campbell Wallis
    4. Alex Odell
    5. David Kingshott
    6. Radek Bialek
    7. Robert Covey
    8. James Dusza
    9. Nuno Rodrigues
    10. Hristo Milushev
    11. Sam Hill
    12. Gasper Grebenc
    13. -
    14. -
    15. -
    16. -
    17. -
    18. -
    19. -
    20. -
    21. -
    22. -
    23. -
    24. -
    Server is UP!
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  2. Campbell Wallis

    Campbell Wallis

    Since I'm licensed I'll have a crack at this.
  3. Almost forgot to sign up for this! :confused: Put me down as a maybe, I can see a few things coming up, but I'll verify later as my Friday schedule becomes clear ;)

    Also, I may use a custom skin for this event!
  4. ajokay

    Real-ish Racer

    It would be rude not to.
  5. Sign Me up Please!
  6. Hi Dennis please sign me up I should be able to make this. X fingers my daughter has a lay in :)
  7. Sign Me up this be difficult drive mini after formula master :D
  8. Robert Covey

    Robert Covey
    Howler Racing

    Never driven a Mini but shoulld be interesting. Besides need to take another shot at Campbell and hopefully finish the entire race.:roflmao:
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  9. Sam Hill

    Sam Hill

    Ill try this. I cant make any promises though after the technical issues yesterday... When making custom skins where should they be saved? Do I need to overwrite one of the original skins?
  10. Sam Hill

    Sam Hill

  11. Sam Hill

    Sam Hill

    Im getting an error file saying this:
    Invalid parameter 'body' for car [Mini Challenge]
    Invalid parameter 'windows' for car [Mini Challenge]
    Invalid parameter 'windowsint' for car [Mini Challenge]
  12. Sam Hill

    Sam Hill

    When I try to save the body as a dds with 6 mipmaps it says something about being a multiple of 4. What do I need to do? I think ive got the files saved to the right place now but they may be in the wrong format
  13. Sam Hill

    Sam Hill

    Still no luck :( could someone do me a huge favour please? If I send you the photoshop files would you be able to save them in the right dds formats with ini file and send it back in a folder?
  14. Björn

    Ävver et Hätz bliev he in Kölle

    Sure, I can do that as soon as I'm home from work (3-ish hours) - just PM me a link to your files or attach them here or something :)
  15. Sam Hill

    Sam Hill

    @Björn Golda awesome. Thanks a lot! :) ill try and pm the files to you then
  16. Joe Cannarozzo

    Joe Cannarozzo

    Hi Dennis;), sign me up please.
  17. Björn

    Ävver et Hätz bliev he in Kölle

    Well.. the good news: Here's your download, tested it and R07 recognizes it just fine now :) https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/21875/SamHillMini.zip

    The bad news: Both your "windows" & "windows int" psd files were already flattened to one layer so I could do nothing about the alpha level of the actual windows being too high - resulting in completely opaque windows, which is not exactly favourable, especially for the internal view ;)
    If you want, you can just update your resource with the unflattened psd files and I'll have a go at it again.
    Alternatively, you could give it another try yourself, all files were created with Paint.Net (with psd plugin) at with DXT1+Mipmaps for the body, DXT5+Mipmaps for windows and DXT5(without Mipmaps) for the internal windows. You can leave the ini file unchanged if you stick to the current file names :)
  18. Sam Hill

    Sam Hill

    Thanks. Ok. Ill see if I saved the unflattened files. Is the body ok though?
  19. Björn

    Ävver et Hätz bliev he in Kölle

    Looking good :)