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Mini Friday @ Anderstorp, Friday, Jan 10th 2014

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Racing Club & Leagues' started by Dennis Phelan, Jan 3, 2014.

  1. Dennis Phelan

    Dennis Phelan
    Let's just get out there and RACE!! Premium Member

    Car: Mini
    Track: Anderstorp
    Weather: Dry
    Games: Race 07

    20:00 GMT: Practice
    20:30 GMT: Qualification
    20:50 GMT: Warmup
    21:00 GMT: Race (80 Minutes)

    RD Club Rules: Click Here
    Server and TeamSpeak Passwords: Click Here
    Mini Friday SkinPack: Click Here

    Entry List:
    1. Dennis Phelan
    2. Christopher Hall-Nelson
    3. Theo van den Brink
    4. Franklin Stegink
    5. Nelson Ullinskey
    6. Justin Swan
    7. Damian Millett
    8. Aleksander Pienkowski
    9. Nuno Rodrigues
    10. Reggie Blain Snr
    11. Reggie Blain
    12. Janko Balej
    13. -
    14. -
    15. -
    16. -
    17. -
    18. -
    19. -
    20. -
    21. -
    22. -
    23. -
    24. -
    25. -
    Server is UP!
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  2. Nox

    Staff Premium Member

    Yes please.
  3. Franklin Stegink

    Franklin Stegink
    Premium Member

    Theo and myself are in.
  4. Well, after a new years holiday break, I will be there for this one :thumbsup:

    Even if this track stinks... :cautious:
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  5. I'm in.
  6. Arunas

    "Polite - punk" - Peter Ell

    Probably I'm in
  7. Justin Swan

    Justin Swan

  8. Reggie Blain

    Reggie Blain
    Premium Member

    My Dad and i will join
  9. Hi. Im not shure if i can go on this one cause of race start hour. But i will do my best so sign me in please.
  10. Arunas

    "Polite - punk" - Peter Ell

    Sorry but I'm out.. :( My plans are changing..
  11. Oeps Anderstorp again :geek:

    80 mins..........WOW!! so i have to find my pit-request button before i start, i think... :laugh:

    all my (car-)setups are gone with the wind, i mean after a fresh installation...So does someone has i good setup...for me and my car

    Motec doesn't work and my G25 setup is lost to.. I have to do it all over again :poop:
  12. Dennis Phelan

    Dennis Phelan
    Let's just get out there and RACE!! Premium Member

    @Stefan Beemsterboer , If you reinstalled steam after the "shakeup" car setups may still be in the original folder under Documents/ ? When that install happens a second race o7 [Insall 2] folder is prepared and that's what you're using now. If you removed Race07 completely for some reason and deleted the folder in Doc.../ then for sure you have nothing.
  13. Dennis Phelan

    Dennis Phelan
    Let's just get out there and RACE!! Premium Member

    @Nuno Rodrigues, don't forget to change your profile name before entering today's game!
  14. Sign me up as maybe.
  15. Two things... Why does my name appear twice in the entry list? :cautious::p

    And in Team Speak yesterday, Dennis said to me he had an idea how to fix my side-ways-ness in the WTCC race. Although this doesn't happen much in the Coopers, what was your idea? :)
  16. Damo

    Premium Member

    I'm in.

  17. Justin Swan

    Justin Swan

    What is sidewaysness
  18. Von Butters

    Von Butters
    Premium Member

    looks like i can race tonight! woppee for me!
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  19. Nox

    Staff Premium Member

    I won't make it today, have a good one.
  20. Thanks for remind me Dennis. I will do it :))