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Mini Challenge @ Valencia Nacional - Wednesday March 10th, 2010

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Racing Club & Leagues' started by Eric Nelson, Mar 4, 2010.

  1. [​IMG]

    Class: Mini Challenge

    Track: Valencia Nacional
    Weather: Dry

    Start Time: 21:00 EST / 18:00 WST / 2:00 GMT (Thursday)
    Practice: 30mins
    Qualification: 20mins
    Warmup: 10mins
    Race: 2x12 laps

    Notes: Click here to read the password and golden rules!

  2. Entry List:

    1. Eric Nelson
    2. Dennis Phelan
    3. Corey Theman
    4. Eric Estes
    5. Koray Can
    6. Yves Larose
    7. Aleksey Bogatyrev
    8. Driver
    9. Driver
    10. Driver
    11. Driver
    12. Driver
    13. Driver
    14. Driver
    15. Driver
    16. Driver
    17. Frank Anderson (maybe )
  3. Dennis Phelan

    Dennis Phelan
    more about staying on track. Premium

    sign me up, please
  4. sign me up!
  5. Me too please.
  6. sign me up as maybe please
  7. I'd like to attempt yet another forward flip in these beautiful cars, please.
  8. Yves Larose

    Yves Larose

    i'll be there, sign me up please
  9. FWIW guys there are some great MINI skins in the download section! OR there are many default skins that look pretty nice too! Lets pump up the color a I am in the process of making an ?American Racing Club " video and want cool looking xars in the replays!

    If you posta link to your custom skin I'll make a SKINPACK for a single download for tonight!
  10. I REALLY appreciate all the effort you are putting into getting US time friendly club events going.

    I keep trying to make these, but the 6:00 West Coast start makes it really difficult to get home from work in time because of the traffic. Then if I do manage to make it I have to start driving right after I get through the door. Tired from the drive, hungry and pissing off the wife is not a great way to start a race :)) Any chance of pushing things back 30 minute to an hour??
  11. I'm a maybe for tonite, again!
  12. Yves Larose

    Yves Larose

    server is up guy's
  13. Might not make it, guys, still at work :thumbdown:
  14. I'll post a stup online fo rya Eric so you can jump in and start racing should you get her ein time.
  15. Here's my setup if u guys want it.

    Attached Files:

  16. I won't make it guys, still busy
  17. Yves Larose

    Yves Larose

    was good fun, thanks Eric for setting the event and RD for the hardware :smile:
  18. Great stuff tonight!

    Yves and I exchange Quick lap in Quali with Yves gettinga great one in and taking pole! Well done!

    R1 I geta slow start and Yves jumps out to a nice lead. I get tangkled with Corey who is half losing it and I tap him and he goes off. I wait and resume the chase. Get by Koray, Dennis and Corey to chase YVes. I chop about 2 seconds off his lead but am unable to get any closer.

    R2 I get a good start and get by Dennis on Lap 2 to get after Corey T who is back in the saddle and going well for a rusty guy! LOL I get by Corey and Have Yves back about 5 seconds at mid point. He chops it down to about 1.8 at the tightest but I manage to hold him at bay for the win.

    Really goo dracing guys and a great circuit for MINI's!

    Hang in there with us as the attendance will get better once ATCC is completed next month and there will be about 30 guys looking for racing!

    Thanks to RD for the server! See yall on Sunday events!
  19. Dennis Phelan

    Dennis Phelan
    more about staying on track. Premium

    I love racing on the popular tracks. I know most of them well enough and usually have a setup. I'm not fast, just prepared!

    Q: last place.

    R1: L1 at the chicane has Mini's all over the place and I can pick a line into the last turn. On the inside with the others arrayed axcross the track, I know I can pull off a pass on two drivers. Koray gets a tap from Corey and the cormner is miine without a fight. Eric gets past Corey at the exit of the turn and he's after me. On TS Eric asks if I have knocked Koray off, I haven't felt anything. Eric catches me and I tell him on TS to pass me, he was going to anyway! But, then I gave him no easy way and pushed hard till he was clear of me! At the end of L2 I slowed on the front straight, maybe I had bumped Koray off, I was going to wait for both drivers to pass but I saw that Corey was stuck out on the back straight and then to the garage so continued behind Koray. Slowly everyone pulled away and so it finished!

    R2: A front row start in a Mini, this ought to be fun! I'm in T1, P2, amazing! L2, T1 I know Eric is inside and I leave him room only to hit the gravel, he's by me at T3. At the last turn I plow wide and Yves noses inside me and ahead. At the end of the straight I'm still only in 5th gear, into the turn and I dive past Yves on the inside[?!!!?] managing to stay on track, he must have missed a gear and slowed. Anyhow, I hook the curb at T5 and Yves gets another chance to outpace me to a turn and takes me for keeps. For the rest of the race, I chase Corey and Koray chases me. Koray closes and muffs the chicane then closes again towards the end of the race but I kept my head down and no more bad mistakes!

    Great Races, good fun, thanks to all the racers, Eric and RD!
  20. Well, not too successful but a race is a race :) It was good to shake the rust off, as I haven't played any RACE in well over 5 months - yikes! I was able to at least qualify mid-pack, but still couldn't find an extra second to shave off to catch Eric/Yves.

    Race 1: Was cruising along taking it easy on lap 1 behind Yves with Eric following close behind, when we made it to the chicane. I might have hit the brakes early since I didn't know Yves' braking points yet, and threw Eric off a bit causing him to get into the back of me. It seemed innocent enough as I was able to re-enter with just some suspension damage, but about half a lap later I got the notice that a tire was cut so I tried to limp off the side and exit to the garage. Whoops!

    Race 2: Second race I started from pole due to my unfortunate luck Race 1, and was able to carry decent speed for the first couple laps. Unfortunately, I seem to have forgotten how to setup a Mini for the long haul and grip was scarce from about lap 5 on. I kept drifting back and eventually settled in P3 for the rest of the race.

    All in all a good event to clear the cobwebs off my wheel and I look forward to catching more races in the near future!