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Mini Challenge - Taruma

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme Setups' started by Jordi Casademunt, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. Jordi Casademunt

    Jordi Casademunt

    Even though Mini setups aren't complicated at all, here's one for the lazy ones!

    -It can get a bit wild with the off-throttle oversteer, so you'll need to play with the pedal mid-corner. If it's still loose, increase the wing (at 1 right now). I think it will make it slower, but it's better than being sideways the whole time.

    -Fuel is 15L (or 14), after a 25 min test I had 4L less so there's a big safety margin.

    -Brakes at 100%, but change them to your prefered values. The same goes for steering lock, it's at 31 at the moment.

    -Tyre pressure shouldn't need any changes.

    I hope this is useful to anyone :)

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  2. Lou Sytsma

    Lou Sytsma

    It sure was for me. Put me right up with the leader AI running at 95%. Thanks very much.
  3. Juha Vainio

    Juha Vainio


    How do I set gear ratios and front wing with Mini's? From garage options I can only set rear wing. Or do I need to modify some files?

  4. Juha Vainio

    Juha Vainio

    I downloaded your file and frontwing stays in 1 and rearwing drops to 1. How I control the frontwing?

    In your file I saw this


    If I remove the "//" mark it doesn't seem to have any affect to frontwing. Also when I put "FWSetting=1" it doesn't seems to have any affect. From game I cannot modify frontwing. Does it mean that I cannot control it from file either?