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Mini Challenge - Taruma

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme Setups' started by Jordi Casademunt, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. Even though Mini setups aren't complicated at all, here's one for the lazy ones!

    -It can get a bit wild with the off-throttle oversteer, so you'll need to play with the pedal mid-corner. If it's still loose, increase the wing (at 1 right now). I think it will make it slower, but it's better than being sideways the whole time.

    -Fuel is 15L (or 14), after a 25 min test I had 4L less so there's a big safety margin.

    -Brakes at 100%, but change them to your prefered values. The same goes for steering lock, it's at 31 at the moment.

    -Tyre pressure shouldn't need any changes.

    I hope this is useful to anyone :)

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  2. It sure was for me. Put me right up with the leader AI running at 95%. Thanks very much.
  3. Hi

    How do I set gear ratios and front wing with Mini's? From garage options I can only set rear wing. Or do I need to modify some files?

  4. I downloaded your file and frontwing stays in 1 and rearwing drops to 1. How I control the frontwing?

    In your file I saw this


    If I remove the "//" mark it doesn't seem to have any affect to frontwing. Also when I put "FWSetting=1" it doesn't seems to have any affect. From game I cannot modify frontwing. Does it mean that I cannot control it from file either?